• More than a Webinar: Online Meet & Mastermind for Women #sbwchi


    Held as a Part of Crain’s Small Business Week Dynamic Online Networking Event including educational talks designed specifically for women seeking guidance & support in pursuit of success in themselves and their careers as women leaders. Participants will enjoy lively, enlightening education from business and leadership experts and be provided opportunities for brainstorming personal concerns/questions related to the topics discussed. ADMISSION FEE: $10 Early Bird* http://networkofentrepreneurialwomen.com/sbw2017/ *Early Bird Registration ends April 15 $15 After April 15 WHEN: Wednesday, May 2, from 11:00am – 4:30pm. Speakers will include: Tamika Miller, ( http://millersmithllc.com ) “How to Conquer the Business Overwhelm: 5 strategic ways to legally protect and expand your business all at the same time ” This is a presentation where I give 5 strategies advising business owners on how they can conquer the business overwhelm involved in expanding their business, while at the same time protecting it legally. I go into strategies that speak to the business structure and formation, to the decision to hire contractors v. employees to making sure the materials in the business i.e. logo, website and collateral is protected at all times. My presentation is to rip away the legalese and give the participants the legal business concepts in a plain language format. I intend to give all the participants a checklist to take away that can assist them moving forward. Tamika R. Miller is a partner with Miller Smith, LLC, where she focuses her practice in the areas of business counseling, civil litigation handling personal injury and business lawsuits, and criminal defense. Tamika is a public speaker, speaking at different events among being a re-occurring presenter for NBI, National Business Institute. National Business Institute is one of the leading companies in providing legal continuing education training. Andrea Herran, (http://focushr.biz/) “How to Work and Get Along with Anyone” You have to work with other people – either as a boss, peer, or client – to be successful. Learn the best way to adapt your style to be able to work and get along with anyone. No quizzes or test taking necessary. The only tools you need are your eyes and ears; learn how to use them in a unique way to gain the results you want and need. Andrea Herran is the Founder and Principal of Focus HR Consulting. Andrea developed a passion for Human Resources and Leadership from the beginning of her career. One thing she noticed about working with people is you see the good, bad and the ugly from managers and employees. Overcoming the bad and ugly was a challenge she would take on and learning from the good and great made a lasting impression on Andrea. She bring those learning to her clients and team each day. Susan Bruce, (http://susanthebruce.blogspot.com/) “Now That You’ve Found Your Voice: Tools To Make Sure It Is Heard” The need for women’s voices in media remains urgent, but what’s the best media outlet for your voice? Never have there been more new options, but traditional outlets remain some of the strongest -and most important – tools available for making yourself heard in the modern mediasphere. Learn tips and receive invaluable advice from one of the most confident and passionate women in media today, while learning how to use these tools to better follow your own path to leadership. Writer, Blogger, Gadfly; Susan Bruce is a writer and talk radio personality on “The Attitude with Arnie Arnesen” on WNHN-FM. Susan Bruce is also the producer of Arnie’s radio show, and the manager of WNHN FM LP, a low power community radio station in Concord, NH. A researcher for State House Watch, Susan Bruce also writes a newspaper column for the Conway Daily Sun, as well as her own lively political blog. Dr Grace Scrimgeour “What research tells us about women in business, and how you can use it.” There is a wealth of research relating to women in business, showing the difficulties they face and the strengths they bring to business. Did you know, for example, that women earn, on average, the same as men with one degree of education less than them? There has been a lot of publicity about Sheryl Sandberg’s book. ‘Lean In’, but do her experiences really reflect those of the majority of women in business? This talk will discuss a few key findings from (mainly) sociological research on women and work, and suggest how you can learn the lessons of these findings and use them to improve your own situation at work. Grace Scrimgeour worked for many years in the not-for-profit and community sectors advising and supporting unemployed and homeless people in the UK, before studying for a PhD in sociology at Loyola University Chicago, specializing in the study of work and gender. She has taught undergraduates for over a decade, and is now back in the UK, working for an organization that supports unpaid caregivers. ADMISSION FEE: $10 Early Bird* http://networkofentrepreneurialwomen.com/sbw2017/ *Early Bird Registration ends April 15 $15 After April 15 WHEN: Wednesday, May 2, from 11:00am – 4:30pm.

  • Free Networking After Hours Mixer- Northshore

    Fred Astaire Ballroom Dance Studio Northbrook

    We’re always talking about how dance can improve your social life. Well, it can also help you in your business dealings. Fred Astaire Dance Studio and the Northbrook, Glenview and the Deerfield, Bannockburn, Riverwoods, (DBR) Chamber of Commerce will be a hosting an After Hours Mixer on Thursday, October 13, from 5-7 p.m. Join us for appetizers and drinks as we mix, mingle, and support our local businesses. Bring plenty of business cards for raffles and networking! This event is free to Chamber members and open to the community. If you’ve never visited us before, here is a great opportunity to take to the dance floor and get a little taste of what Fred Astaire Dance Studio’s group and private ballroom dance instruction can do for you. It’s invigorating physically, stimulating mentally and just plain fun! And at this event you can also meet others in your line of work and possibly find new partners for your ventures. For more information or to RSVP please call[masked]. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/networking-after-hours-mixer-tickets-27694440818

  • Meet & Munch on Chocolate - Celebrating Our Achievements

    Let Them Eat Chocolate

    Pat yourself on the back. Eat Chocolate. Make Lasting Business Connections. All. At. Once! The last time The Network of Entrepreneurial Women visited Let Them Eat Chocolate, we discussed how to be our best boss as entrepreneurs and decided that it was important to review and celebrate our accomplishments. So that's what we're doing! Come, tell us what exciting things you've accomplished this year. Throughout the year we have discussed challenges and goals, and now it is time to take stock of what we implemented since we kicked off the year. Did you implement some of the stress management techniques discussed in March? Did Networking Bingo help you connect with similar-minded people? Did you get your launch pad set up, your finances in order, and put your HR thinking cap on after May? Are you more aware of how nature inspires business management? Is your business less like a zoo? Are you set for the holiday marketing push? Whether your goals were prompted by a NEW meeting or not, we want to hear what you accomplished and celebrate with chocolate. No accomplishments too small, and each step forward is worthy of recognition. Join us for a sweet celebration of your determination and persistence. This well-earned celebration will be held at Let Them Eat Chocolate in Andersonville. Andersonville was named by real estate site Redfin as the 7th hottest neighborhood in the country - attributing the ranking in part to the "abundance of charming small businesses". Let Them Eat Chocolate is a high-end all natural chocolate shop and lounge. It offers Belgian and vegan chocolates as well as cozy chairs and gelato that is most commonly reviewed as "amazing." Each participant pays for her own chocolates and refreshments off of Let Them Eat Chocolate's Menu. This event is free, but donations will be welcomed. NEW is dedicated to inspiring, enlightening and encouraging women to reach their highest potential Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PositivelyNEW Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/PositivelyNEW Visit our Website: http://networkofentrepreneurialwomen.com/ Sign up for our Newsletter: http://ow.ly/Vy8r301CFm3

  • Holiday Marketing Plan Brainstorm

    Schaumburg Township District Library

    Does holiday marketing sneak up on you? Get ahead of the game with a marketing brainstorming session on how to maximize the peak consumer shopping season. Sit down with likeminded women to share ideas for promoting your business, develop cross-promotional avenues, and learn what resources your peers have used at the beautiful Schaumburg Library. This event is free, but donations will be welcomed NEW is dedicated to inspiring, enlightening and encouraging women to reach their highest potential Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PositivelyNEW Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/PositivelyNEW Visit our Website: http://networkofentrepreneurialwomen.com/ Sign up for our Newsletter: http://ow.ly/Vy8r301CFm3

  • Monarchs, Milkweed and More

    Spring Valley Nature Center

    Monarchs, Milkweed and More: Migrating to business success through inspiration from nature This month we'll be learning from Pat Tauchert of Pluymert, MacDonald & Hargrove, Ltd., about native plants, the monarch butterfly and milkweed at the Spring Valley Nature Center in Shaumburg! In lieu of charging this month, we will have donation jar available, to offset the costs of this event. Spring Valley is a refuge of 135 acres of fields, forests, marshes and streams. Spring Valley also features over three miles of handicapped-accessible hiking trails, a nature center with natural history displays and information, and an 1880s living history farm. Spring Valley is open to the general public and admission is free. Spring Valley is an outdoor living museum, where visitors can learn about nature and local history.

  • Meet, Munch & Mastermind

    Shannon's Irish Pub


    This Event Held as a part of Crain's Small Business Week 2016 #sbwchi Meet, Munch & Mastermind: An Agenda to Reach Your Highest Potential From Women’s Business Experts Dynamic Networking Luncheon followed by educational talks designed specifically for women entrepreneurs. Participants will enjoy lively, enlightening education from business experts and be provided opportunities for brainstorming personal concerns/questions related to the topics discussed. Speakers will include: Angel Simmons, "The Launch Pad: Transitioning From Faithful Employee to Fabulous Entrepreneur" Participants will gain a more realistic perspective of what's really needed to make the transition from employee to entrepreneur as well as resources to help them cross over when they're ready. Participants will leave feeling empowered to make the first step towards their dream. And, through some interactive participation, they will be affirmed by other women in the session. Angel Simmons is a multi-talented artist with a B.A. from Columbia College Chicago. She has worked in youth and young adult ministry, conference planning and as a mentor to youth in Chicago's Englewood community. She believes in the healing power of the arts and is committed to helping others discover their God-given gifts. Angel is an advocate for healthy and fulfilling relationships, and promotes love and connections daily throughout her social media networks and her blog, "Love's Great Design". She holds professional certifications in Soul Care and Biblically-based Counseling, Love and Relationships, Stress and Trauma, Grief and Loss Coaching, and is a certified QPR Gatekeeper for suicide intervention. Angel was crowned in 2015 as the Ms. Worldwide Illinois Ambassador for the Live Out Loud Charity, with her platform being suicide intervention, depression awareness, and grief and loss support. Ingrid Morris, "Do You Know Your Numbers?" The number of female entrepreneurs are on the rise! Women own 10.6 million businesses in the United States. They employ 19.1 million workers--that's one in every seven employees. Their businesses account for $2.5 trillion in sales. Yet, 1 of 5 businesses fail. It's not for lack of great product or services, but one of lack of financial acumen and operational knowledge. The question becomes, " do you know your financial vitals; sale revenue, gross profit, net margins. This interactive discussions clears the financial fog, and gives women the basic financial understanding and knowledge to speak the language of finance and position their business for growth. Learn how to create financial projections, drive profitability, and increase your customer base. Ingrid Morris has spent 20 years skyrocketing up the corporate ladder. Out of her love and affinity for numbers since the age of 5, she has utilized her gifts and talents to manage and grow financial portfolios that range up to $200MM in revenue. In 2014, "The Numberz Girl" opened Morr Solutions Unlimited; a revenue generation and life maximization firm for women. Most recently, she spends her time in Hollywood with celebrity clients helping them to create and sustain profitable careers through building financial projections and increasing their revenue portfolios. She is also the Founder of the ProfitFirst Academy for Women. Delmar Johnson, "Hire Right in the Shift, From Preneur to Employer: Don't Let Your Guts Do All the Talking" Like most business owners, you started your company wearing many hats and doing it all: sales, marketing, operations, product development, accounting and more!! Now that it is time to expand your business, do you know how to strategically add teammates to help accomplish your mission and goals without blowing your budget? This session will share vital tips to help business owners & leaders understand the what, how, why and when adding interns, volunteers, employees (Form W-2) and independent contractors (Form 1099) to their team is necessary and do it from an informed position. With over 20 years of experience working with big corporations, small business owners and new entrepreneurs, human resource guru and visionary Delmar Johnson founded HR Brain for Hire™ as a trusted and resourceful solution for first time employers in need of affordable, efficient, and top notch recruitment, training and HR services. Delmar's personal story, which includes multiple layoffs, life challenges, and her own dive into entrepreneurship, gives her a perfect mix of formal knowledge and "real life" experience that she pours into each client and their unique needs. Business owners love Delmar because her talent and passion for HR allow them to fall in love with their business all over again by getting them the right support that they so desperately need while saving them time, money, and headaches. In offering solutions, interactive workshops, and professional development training, Delmar's goal is twofold: 1) to offer value-added solutions to women-owned business owners, positioning them as an" employer of choice" through the establishing of HR tools, standards and systems; and 2) to equip women to design their own career path by connecting who they are authentically to what they do to serve the world. ADMISSION FEE: $25 Early Bird* *Early Bird Registration ends April 15 $30 After April 15

  • Fundraiser for On Your Feet Foundation



    Our first fundraiser in 2014 (http://www.meetup.com/TheNEWgroup/events/172204732/) was such a success that we couldn't wait for another opportunity to pay it forward! Join us for Active Networking for A Cause, and get your bids in on a Silent Auction benefiting On Your Feet Foundation. While we bid on donated pieces, we will munch on some of the most delicious pizza in the state, participate in some lively Networking Bingo(!!) and learn more about this important organization. To donate a raffle prize or auction item, please review this document (http://positivelynew.com/NEWFundraiserForOYFFDonations2016.pdf) On Your Feet Foundation was founded in 2001 by adoptive parents, adoption professionals and a birth parent who recognized the need for practical help for women who had chosen adoption for their child. On Your Feet Foundation is a small, nonprofit 501c3 organization that provides personal support to birthparents to help them get "back on their feet." OYFF focuses on helping their clients build a better life by giving them the tools they need through case management and coaching, monetary grants and through the creation of a community of other birthparents. OYFF depend on our donors, to help us help birthparents. We honor the choice, empower the woman and foster a respect for the decision. The future is very bright and we need your support now more than ever. We look forward to sharing this journey with you. Moretti's brings the neighborhood a casual dining family establishment complete with two spacious and comfortable sports-themed bars. Known for its wide ranging menu of pizza and Italian & American cuisine, and cannot be beat for lunch and dinner table service, take-out, private event facilities, sports bar and patio garden featuring outdoor dining. We have tons of activities, promotions and customized parties to fit your every need.

  • March Meet & Munch: Mindful Stress Management

    Ellis Therapy & Fitness


    Join us for an afternoon of self care. At this Meet & Munch, our NEW panel will be discussing stress management/relaxation techniques and the importance of a daily mind/body/spirit connection for our well-being. Participate in a chair yoga session and a meditation exercise. Then be introduced to Pilates circles and essential oils. Our March Meet & Munch will be held at Ellis Therapy & Fitness 16595 Easton Ave. Prairie View, IL 60069. Meet your presenters: Our event hostess, Kathy A. Miller will guide us in a meditation exercise. Kathy is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) and owner of Mindfulness Matters PC, a therapeutic counseling practice serving adults and couples of all kinds. Specialties include anger, anxiety, conflict, depression, forgiveness, life transitions, trauma, and grief and loss. Kathy also facilitates a weekly mindfulness meditation group and quarterly Death Cafes. Next up for Kathy is certification as a death midwife! Debbie Ellis, LCSW, CPT-PMA, CAFS, will introduce us to Pilates circles. She is the owner of Ellis Therapy & Fitness. She has been working with children and adolescents with low self-esteem, ADHD, anxiety, depression and autism spectrum disorder for the past 20+ years. Her style is dynamic, energetic, and creative which is attractive to children and parents alike. Debbie utilizes a cognitive-behavioral approach while incorporating movement/kinesthetic activities to keep a child interested and engaged. Psychotherapist Jennifer Daniels, PhD, LCPC, incorporates traditional talk therapy with mindfulness-based approaches to help individuals in their journeys towards balance and peace. She will discuss essential oils with us. Dr. Daniels is a Certified Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) practitioner, and uses EMDR with more than half of her clients. Her specialization is in trauma, childhood sexual assault, anxiety, depression and parenting issues. In addition, Dr. Daniels teaches classes focused on the psychological benefits of essential oils. Ariele Riboh is a registered dance/movement therapist, a licensed professional counselor, and a yoga and prenatal yoga teacher. We will learn how to incorporate chair yoga into our lives from her. She guides her clients to try on new qualities of actions and behaviors and learn to move in ways that are authentic to their own feelings. She works with children from age four to adolescents and adults with a focus on depression, anxiety and body/food issues. All aspects of body, mind, diet, activity level, relationships, and environment are incorporated into her wellness plans. Cathy J. Drucker, LCSW has spent three decades as a psychotherapist in a variety of venues, with clients ranging from pre-teen to adult. Her specialties include adolescent and adult substance abuse, chronic illness, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, anger-management, and stress management. Cathy also provides individual therapy, couples counseling, and family therapy for ADHD, chronic impulsivity, divorce, domestic abuse, dual diagnosis, eating disorders, family conflict, grief, oppositional defiance, parenting, relationship issues, trauma/PTSD, etc. Lenel Reuther, MS, LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor at Ellis Therapy and Fitness. She uses a cognitive behavioral treatment approach and also incorporates physical activity. She believes that physical health plays a significant role in mental health as well as overall quality of life. In addition, she hosts running clubs for teen girls and moms. Lenel graduated from Loyola University Chicago in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. In June 2015, she completed her Master of Science in Clinical Counseling Psychology from Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science. She is currently pursuing her doctorate degree in clinical psychology from Midwestern University. Nicole Alexopoulos is an Intern at Ellis Therapy and Fitness. She uses a cognitive behavioral treatment approach and incorporates movement and physical activity into her sessions. Nicole believes that the mind and body share an important connection. Focusing on that connection can help improve mental health as well as quality of life. Nicole graduated from DePaul University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Communication Studies. She is pursuing a Master of Science in Clinical Counseling Psychology at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science. There is a small parking lot for the building that holds approx 8 vehicles. Overflow can park on Easton in the Prairie House slots or in the Metra commuter parking lot just across Main St. There shouldn't be a charge to park there after 12 pm.

  • Social Media Event "Stop Chasing Customers, Let them CHASE You"

    Hokkaido Sushi and Hibachi Steak House

    Early Registration at http://SCC1021.eventbrite.com (http://scc1021.eventbrite.com/) "If You're in Network Marketing, Just Starting a Business, or Run a Small Business, and want to Leverage Your Time by Implementing Social Media as a Part of Your Marketing Plan, this May be the Most Important Seminar You Will Attend in 2015" THE FIRST 30 MINUTES WE WILL TEACH YOU THE #1 THING THAT IS HOLDING YOU BACK FROM 100% SUCCESS ONLINE WHAT YOU WILL LEARN Dirty Little Secrets to the Top 6 Social Media Platforms that Make Money (which include YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, Meetup, Instagram, and Google+) Why Twitter and Pinterest is Dead!! What So-Called Social Media Experts Don't Want You to Know about Fan Pages Why S.E.O is Dead, and What has Taken it's Place The Step by Step System to Marketing Online #1 Tool You Need to Generate Leads on Auto-Pilot A-B-C Formula to Know if Your Website is Just an Internet Brochure WATCH THIS VIDEO---> https://youtu.be/jottDMuLesU