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Unity Church of Lake Norman – Sunday Morning Services

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SUNDAY SERVICE: Come join us at 9:45 am to get settled, and meet new friends. We'd love to meet you! Our 10:00 am service includes: gratitude/appreciation, healing & affirmative prayer, Daily Word, meditation/visualization, 20-30 minute lesson, love offering, music throughout and warm hugs!

Many of us go out for lunch afterwards, so consider yourself invited! J

To find us go to GOOGLE Maps and search for "The Nook Store" at:

19621 W. Catawba Ave, Cornelius, NC 28031

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Read on if you want to know more about Unity or our Minister

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ABOUT UNITY: Unity is a positive, practical, progressive approach to Christianity based on the teachings of Jesus and the power of prayer. Unity honors the universal truths in all religions and respects each individual’s right to choose a spiritual path. It’s a place were positive-minded, truth-seeking people come together!

Unity offers a new way of thinking, a new way of being. It is a way of hope, love, peace, abundance, healing and joy. We believe in a universal God presence of good that lives within each one providing everything needed to live happy, healthy and productive lives. We encourage everyone to develop a personal relationship with God through daily meditation. How can you get to know "someone" if you don’t spend time with them, listening to them, hearing their thoughts?

Unity emphasizes the creative power of thought in our life experience. We refer to this as the Law of Mind Action, or what’s called “Law of Attraction” today. When we take personal responsibility to choose life affirming thoughts, words and actions, we experience a more fulfilling and abundant life. It’s a great recipe for life, realizing that we are the ones who choose the ingredients!... thought by thought…minute by minute.

“Daily Word” and “Creative Thought” readers, students of ACIM and metaphysics... you’ll love it here!

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OUR MINISTER: Rev. Jacquie Mace was licensed and ordained as a Unity minister in 1997 and has served three ministries. She has also served in the corporate arena with Nabisco Foods (15 yrs) and AT&T (4 yrs), which offered ample opportunities to learn how to apply spiritual principles in her daily life to prove that these principles work -- even at work/in business and in relationships with supervisors, co-workers, customers, family, friends, herself and God! She is deeply devoted to helping people learn and apply Unity principles, she brings an enthusiasm and passion for helping people open to the universal God presence within that offers health, peace, grace, happiness and success for all. She is a visionary who is dedicated to enriching the lives of others and is a great “spiritual coach/cheerleader”. Jacquie is a warm, loving, innovative communicator and a dynamic heart-felt speaker who often moves you to both laugh and cry. She lives what she teaches which can be summed up as: God is Love; made in God’s image and likeness, we must also be Love; and God is Good… ALL the Time!