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>>>>>>>>!!!!!!!!!!!<<<<<<<<<<<<<< NEWSFLASH>>>IMPORTANT APB>>>>HOT OFF THE WIRES!!! CALLING..........ALL............PINOCHLE............PLAYERS!!!!!

Where have all the Pinochle Players gone? Have you genuinely missed playing Pinochle over the years?? Do you remember the All Niters, playing Pinochle to wayyyy late at night or early the next morning?? Do you remember 3 handed Cut Throat and 4 handed Partners? Do you miss that deliciously wonderful feeling of victory of taking the Board...and making it? When's the last time you rubbed a head or laid down a hundred Aces with Double Pinochle???? Do you miss the strategy, the energy, the challenge, the sheer excitement from a REALLY GOOD game of Pinochle??!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THEN THIS MEETUP IS FOR YOU!!!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


For some reason Pinochle games have been a difficult commodity to find anymore, even with all the different variations like Double Deck and others that abound. Have you ever played Pinochle or always wanted to learn how to play?? Why not join us to start a resurgence, to renew an old love or to find a new one?? It's easy enough to learn...or re-learn. Why not get the blood pumping and the adrenaline rushing again?? C'mon ,you know you want to!!! We'll even provide the cards..(for the uninitiated, Pinochle requires a very specialized Deck of Cards). Just bring your hands (to hold the cards) and an open mind! Be treated like royalty...you can be King of the Hill or Queen of the Castle..extra Kings and Queens are in the deck, free of charge. See what it feels like to WIN.....or lose ...royally! Honestly, nothing else is quite like a good, old fashioned Pinochle Party!!!!



I work very hard to obtain locations and set up dates for us to play. I just ask that when you RSVP "yes" please adhere to your RSVP and attend. If your plans change, please change your RSVP. Please consider the others that are waiting for you at the venue. In all fairness, after 3 " no shows" you will be removed from the group.

Thank you.

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