The Product Group London March 2019


Share, learn and network with fellow Product Managers at The Product Group.

Topic of the Night: Crisis Product Management

What happens when things go wrong with your product? This is something we all dread but don't often have much experience with or spend time planning for.

This evening we'll share stories of dealing with crisis situations - showstopping bugs, security breaches, dysfunctional teams and discuss ways to deal with them better in the future.

Featured Product: Flux - Hilary Johnson, Head of Product

Hilary is Head of Product at Flux, a London-based fintech startup that delivers digital receipts for Monzo, Starling and Barclays.
Hilary has worked with companies across a range of industries, including Monzo, The Financial Times, Nutmeg and Moonpig. Prior to this Hilary held the role of Senior Product Manager at software consultancy Pivotal Labs where she focused on mobile apps in the B2B and B2C space.