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About us:

We are a vibrant network for women who are seeking to improve their health and wellbeing with the purpose to inspire and empower women to create meaningful change in life and in the world. We do this by promoting health, wellbeing, personal development and the advancement of women in the world. Through our face to face events and online collaboration, we facilitate knowledge transfer, peer to peer learning, and the sharing of women's personal experiences.

Our goal is to connect women at face-to-face events and through our online platform, enabling women to access, share and promote events, webinars, blogs and other resources.

Our vision is to inspire women by providing an enriching environment where we can fulfill our true potential and thrive.

We also champion:

• Equality for women and equal representation in the workplace, politics, business, industry & media.

• Raising awareness about issues affecting women and girls worldwide.

• Positive psychology and raising the awareness of mental health in a positive light.

JOIN OUR ONLINE COMMUNITY OF WOMEN: https://therisingnetwork.com (https://therisingnetwork.com/)

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We welcome all women. All ages, all backgrounds, and from any country around the world!

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As part of the Rising Network Community we make sure you have the answers to your most pressing questions regarding your personal growth by creating open discussions. Share your story, or learn from other women to help you break boundaries to fulfill your true potential.

We explore all elements and facets of life and this forum is open to any women who want to talk in a friendly environment. Whether it be self-discovery, personal exploration, health and wellness, family, relationships or career advancement, the Rising Network provides you with the support you require to achieve balance and positive progress to continuously evolve.

If you're interested in being a speaker, host or sponsor or want to organise an event in your area, please drop us an email: events@therisingnetwork.com .

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Stress Proof Your life

Online event

Feeling stressed, pressured or overwhelmed? Internal and external stress has become a daily way of life. To the point it has become so normal we don’t always realise it’s a problem until it’s too late. When our bodies are under constant stress our whole system is put on high alert, we become prone to cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, weight gain and mental health problems to name a few. This online masterclass will allow you to understand the triggers and the warnings signs, while developing tools to stress proof your life. To book your place, please visit: https://therisingnetwork.com/event/stress-proof-life/ What you will learn: Learn how the body handles stress Discover what to eat to beat stress The Power of Meditation Magic of a good night’s sleep Proven ways to de-stress How you will benefit: Get an overview of what external and internal stress’ are and how we can handle them using different methods Understand your triggers and the warning signs of stress in your life Understand how to stress proof your life Who should attend? Everyone who is experiencing stress in their life Agenda: 12:00 – Welcome by the Rising Network Chapter Lead 12:05 – Talk by Kate Drummond 12:45 – Q&A 13:00 – Close To book your place, please visit: https://therisingnetwork.com/event/stress-proof-life/ How to book: The event will take place on Tuesday 4th August at 12:00-13:00 GMT and registration closes on Tuesday 4th August at 09:00 GMT. Places are limited so click RSVP to register today and avoid disappointment. Individual, Enterprise and Corporate members (paying members): Free to attend and included in your paid membership Non-members and Digital subscribers: £10 + Fees Invest in yourself and join as an Individual or Enterprise member to: Access videos and recordings of past events Attend events that are free for members or at discounted member rates Improve and enhance your skills to help you to move up the career ladder and to get your next promotion Increase your visibility and impact at work, in community and at home Pick up tools and techniques to manage daily stress, work/life pressures and wellbeing Expand your network by connecting with other creating new relationships Learn and build your business and leadership skills Overcome personal or professional challenges Gain support during transitions in life, work or business Increase your presence and promote yourself as an expert Not yet a member? View our membership options here: https://therisingnetwork.com/membership-levels/ To book your place, please visit: https://therisingnetwork.com/event/stress-proof-life/

Women in Leadership

Online event

Due to various reasons, a lot of women hold themselves back from leadership positions. This can be at a conscious or subconscious level. Just as you need to own your life, you also need to own your rise into leadership. This masterclass will help you to highlight common limiting self-belief or self-sabotaging actions that women do. It will help you to pay attention to your natural strengths that women tend to undervalue, and this awareness will help you remove blinkers, adapt your behaviour to become confident and comfortable going for leadership roles. What you will learn: • Understanding what you are doing unconsciously that stops you from owning your leadership • Your strengths and how to use them • Challenges faced by women leaders and how to overcome them • Ideas to put a plan of action to help you become a stronger leader • Own your space as a leader • Ideas on how to develop into a leader • How to identify your strength and use it How you will benefit: • Understanding the various reasons that hold you back from leadership positions at a conscious or subconscious level and learn to take steps to own it. Who should attend? • Anyone interested in improving their self-awareness, communication and leadership style. Agenda: 15:00 - Welcome by the Rising Network 15:10 - Masterclass 16:00 - Event close How to book: • Please visit https://therisingnetwork.com/event/women-in-leadership/

6 Week Course: The Monday Revolution – Seize control of your business life

Become part of the Monday Revolution and seize control of your business life. The Monday Revolution is a state of mind to apply on the first day of the week. It’s a metaphor for recognising that some things need to change in your life – enabling you to seize control. It’s an approach that relies on simple steps to achieve smart ways of getting things done, immediately. Like every revolution, there is a manifesto with six principles to focus your mind on. In this six week online course you will learn first-hand from author and founder David Mansfield the six principles from his book, ‘The Monday Revolution’. For full details of the course and to book your place, visit website : https://therisingnetwork.com/event/6-week-online-course-monday-revolution-seize-control-business-life/ 6 MODULES INCLUDE: MODULE 1: NOW, NOT LATER The enemy of effective working is procrastination. What is wrong with now? Learn how to harness the power of immediacy, be able to recognise the ordering of key tasks and identify what needs doing when. MODULE 2: INVEST TIME WISELY It’s always in short supply and not easily stored for another day. An invaluable resource. The revolutionary spends their time on the right things each week to improve the chances of effective results and maximum satisfaction. Learn how to find 50% more time in your working week, be able to seize control of your working week and do more by working less all by doing the things that really matter. MODULE 3: SIMPLE, NOT COMPLICATED Revolutionaries are mission clear. Too many moving parts and you’ll increase the chance of failure. Avoid the trap of trying to solve complex problems with complex solutions. Whatever you’re doing or saying, keep it simple. Learn how to understand the breakdown method, what effective communication is, what a simple analysis of interdependencies is and how it recognises what depends on what. MODULE 4: FIND BETTER WAYS Around you there are many examples of better ways to solve your own problems and create compelling opportunities. Learn to look outside. Learn how to identify issues and problems that are holding you back. Be able to prioritise challenges and what will improve when they are solved. And where to look for the answers. MODULE 5: EVIDENCE-BASED DECISION MAKING Sometimes there will be little to go on. But this is rare. More likely, the facts are there, but overruled by emotions. Be strong. Look for evidence to back up decisions. Before you decide, how do you really know? Understand how to overcome our cognitive responses, where to look and test the integrity of evidence and how to build evidence into everyday decision making. MODULE 6: POSITIVE MINDSET Revolutionaries never win without belief. Neither will you. Learn how to be more ambitious in their business planning, how accountability and milestones are important to a business and what tools are needed for positive thinking and dealing with adversity. Who should attend? · Decision-makers in a business/senior leaders · Entrepreneurs · Start-ups Agenda: This course starts on Thursday 10th September 2020 and ends on Thursday 15th October. Each online session starts at 14:00 – 15:00 GMT. · Thursday 10th September: Now, not later · Thursday 17th September: Invest time wisely · Thursday 24th September: Simple, not complicated · Thursday 1st October: Find better ways · Thursday 8th October: Evidence-based decision making · Thursday 15th October: Positive Mindset For full details of the course and to book your place, visit website : https://therisingnetwork.com/event/6-week-online-course-monday-revolution-seize-control-business-life/ Price: Individual, Enterprise and Corporate members (paying members): Free to attend and included in your paid membership Non-members and Digital subscribers: £270 + Fees

The 8 Most Common Misadventures Entrepreneurs Make

Online event

Entrepreneurs and authors of ‘Misadventures in Entrepreneuring’ Gayle Mann and Lucy-Rose Walker will be joining the Rising Network for this online masterclass covering the most common misadventures entrepreneurs go on and how to overcome them to achieve the life and business you would like to lead. Gayle and Lucy-Rose have spent the last 7 years working with over 4000 entrepreneurs whilst at the same time taking their own entrepreneurial journey to grow Entrepreneurial Spark, the world’s largest fully funded entrepreneurial accelerator focused on developing the mindset of the entrepreneur. Since selling the business in 2018 to Royal Bank of Scotland they have been on a mission to tell the real story of entrepreneuring, not the glamorised version so often played out in the media, the story they wished someone had told them. Now they have written a book and produced a series of podcasts called the Misadventures of Entrepreneuring. They focus on the most common misadventures entrepreneurs go on and how to navigate through them to achieve the life and business they would like to lead. Their book, ‘Misadventures in Entrepreneuring’ goes on sale on the 10th Sept 2020 and in this online masterclass, they are going to share stories and some of the best kept secrets from their own experience, as well as those they have worked with, to enable you to reset or reboot your thinking any time you find yourself facing an obstacle or an unknown. This event promises to bring you a refreshing take on what it feels like to walk in the shoes of an entrepreneur every day and bust some of commonly perpetuated myths about how you should be doing it. If you’d like an honest, humorous, warts and all perspective on how to entrepreneur from two relatable role models then this event is a must. What you will learn: • Why we misadventure when running a business • The most common misadventure we have experienced, observed and worked with • How to navigate those misadventures using techniques you can out into action straight away • Understanding that most of the things you are experiencing that no-one talks about are perfectly normal! How you will benefit: • How to understand these misadventures we occur are all based around your mindset • How to comprehend the emotional reaction to your situation • To be able to pre-program patterns of your thinking in regards to these misadventures • How to navigate your thoughts by breaking your ‘autopilot’ and understand what is and isn’t helpful. Who should attend? Entrepreneurs who are running their own business, anyone thinking of starting a business or those who would like to be more entrepreneurial in the business they work in. Agenda: 12:00 - Welcome by the Rising Network Chapter Lead 12:05 - Talk by Gayle Mann and Lucy-Rose Walker 12:50 – Q&A 13:00 - Close How to book: Please visit: https://therisingnetwork.com/event/8-common-misadventures-entrepreneurs-make/

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