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In many ways we are a Doorway. Or more....

If you are seeking a Central Texas community with metaphysical and spiritual interests, check out The Seeker's Round Table! (TM) We are first and foremost about education. And we're the oldest and largest local group of our kind, a ministry dedicated to building community and learning a variety in the metaphysical fields. We've served the Central Texas community for 13+ years, bringing highly experienced mentors together with students covering a variety of metaphysical modalities and creating a safe place to learn and explore. Not all 980+ members attend every meeting, but every month brings a new set of fresh faces and people just like you, interested in these fields. Some come for learning. Some come for the energy. Some come to meet other teachers to work together. Whatever your reason, we're here for you. We've helped connect the Austin metaphysical community for a very long time.

About the owner: Director and founder of The Seeker's Round Table, Julia is a professional numerologist, teacher, and 7th generation dowser and student of "The Gift." You can find her at http://DragonTea.net and follow her blog at http://TheSeekersWindow.wordpress.com/ .

About the Group: The Seeker's Round Table (TSRT) is a community place in the Austin, TX area for novices and advanced students alike with regard to a variety of metaphysical subjects. We are currently over 950 members strong. Half our members are not on MeetUp, as we've been around since long before MeetUp came to Austin.

As a general rule of thumb, The Seeker's Round Table itself holds classes on a regular monthly basis and does not repeat a subject, or class within an 18-24 month period and teachers within an 24-36 month period, keeping our rotation of subjects, and interest, fresh and new. Our classes are just 1.5 hours long and, though jam-packed, generally serve to introduce students to each teacher or subject. (There's only so much you can cover in 1.5 hours!) But it gives our students a chance to meet, learn from and rub shoulders with accomplished and experienced professionals and mentors in their spiritual fields, in a safe and welcoming environment. The level of expertise that our teachers bring to the table is important to us. I’m confident you’ll find yourself in good hands!

The Seeker's Round Table only hosts 10-11 regular classes a year (December is usually a pot luck and sometimes we skip January class for weather), with a handful of special events throughout the year. Regular monthly classes are only $15.

But there is so much more going on in this community and amongst our teachers! And we share that information here!

I hope this online portion of our ministry will serve as a useful tool for everyone. Though this web presence will not replace the regular newsletter.

At TSRT, you will be exposed to others who also share interests in these areas and who are at various stages of their paths. Meant to be community support as well as a place for introductory classes, TSRT is a place for community and to network, as well as a chance to just shake off the day and receive. TSRT classes are kept low cost for a reason. Our teachers do this in part as a community service, since obviously they do not normally charge $15 for their work. But also, it is a chance, in a safe place as a ministry service with "low financial risk" for students to be exposed to a variety of subjects and teachers. It is your chance not only to learn about a subject, but about the teacher as well. And as such, you have a better chance of becoming connected with the teachers, contacts and subjects you feel aligned with as well. The Austin area has a lot to offer, but most of it is word of mouth. TSRT is one outlet to bring teachers and students together. Some people come every month and some come just whenever they are interested in a subject or have time. There are no obligations either way.

In addition, there is a free monthly email newsletter (sometimes newsletters go out more often if we have special events), which occasionally includes free numerology watches and articles by yours truly, as well as some upcoming classes and events from TSRT teachers in the Austin area that I happen to know about.

Please Note: Information about local events and teachers contained on this website and in its newsletters are provided to the best of our knowledge as a public service for informational purposes only. I cannot provide warranties or guarantees regarding the services or opinions of others and their classes/events, nor are they implied. Still I do my best at getting the most experienced teachers I can find so students can truly ask questions and find direction on their paths of seeking. Teaching at this group is by invitation only.

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