What we're about

Hi everyone!

Welcome to a journey of Self Mastery.

If you are on your journey of self discovery & development; and are seeking for sustainable techniques to release emotions, enhance your spiritual growth and master intuitive creations, this is a group for you.

I am starting this group to share Tools for Change & Empowerment as well as a Sacred Space for Inner Transformation.

These self empowered tools enables you to create a shift within you to a higher state and deepen your inner connection, enabling you to access your intuition. The tools and transformational activities include:-

• Experiential workshops series on Emotions , Art of Releasing & Intuitive Creation

• Active Meditations (Deep breathing, Dance movement, Chakra, Kundalini, Sound, Laughter & Tears and more...)

• Guided Meditations

• Energy Healing (Pellowah / Reiki)

• Group Past Life Regression for Self Discovery

• Intuitive Art

• Vibrational Remedies - Flower, Elemental and Spiritual Essences

• Aromatherapy

The Sacred Space created at each gathering is a Safe Space of Total Freedom for each individual to discover themselves and experience inner transformation. Each of us is responsible for the energy we bring into the Space. Mindfulness is required at all times during our gatherings. We seek to create an uplifting, supportive and nurturing community to support your personal breakthroughs.

This group is for you if you:-

• are a spiritual seeker

• are seeking for something that works in life

• feel overwhelmed by life and are seeking for lasting positive change

• may be in a corporate world / an entrepreneur yearning for a radical inner shift or major reset in life

• yearn to master yourself and your life

• want to master emotion and understand emotions release

• want to master your intuition and how to sharpen it

• love bodymind and spirit activities and read these books - yoga, spirituality, bodymind connection, healing, emotional intelligence

• enjoy meditation and mindfulness practice

• watches/listens to Oprah, Gaia, Dr Joe Dispenza, Abraham Hicks, Dolores Cannon, Osho and other pioneers in the field of spirituality, bodymind healing and human development

• love nature and recognises its healing power


There will be occasional Cuppa . Celebration . Connection meet ups for us to connect within, enjoy a cuppa or nature and celebrate each other.

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