Next Meetup

MakeSF Project Build Night at NoiseBridge!
We continue our maker journey and MakeSF MeetUp will have our usual selection of projects with some new ones added too! Our main event listing is here: If you want to get into a project but are not sure where to begin, we have amassed a bunch of great projects that someone with no background can do. We have electronics projects, craft projects, food projects, programming projects and more. Or if you have your own project or idea come and we can help you with it. In addition to project work from time to time we will have cool speakers, demos, and special workshops so keep an eye out for those. First timers! Come and choose one of the following workshops and we will take you through it: • For those interested in electronics and soldering you can make the Firefly ( • For those interested in craft and electronics you can make a Soft Circuit ( • For those interested in programming you can make the Temperature Clock ( Please bring a computer with Arduino IDE ( Processing IDE ( installed on it and an Arduino. Arduinos can be borrowed if needed. Each workshop is $12 for materials. After you finish choose another cool project from our list and make it for the next month. All the MakeSF projects can be completed with basic tools in less than two and a half hours. Everyone else! Come and work on your projects, help others, and together we can create something awesome :) See you there! -------------- Thanks for coming to MakeSF! Children under 14 accompanied by an adult are warmly welcomed.

Noisebridge Hackerspace

2169 Mission St. · San Francisco, CA