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Hi! We're Lovely, Happy and Single! Life is good. Make sure you click on our members' profiles after you've joined. We have members genuinely interested to meet face to face! We are relaxed individuals, and like to explore nice places and awesome activities. If you are single too, join our wonderful community and start having more people in your life! We welcome you as long as you are a positive individual and will respect other members in our group. If you are searching and tired of waiting for that special one to come to your life, join this group and maybe, you will meet him or her in one of our fun meet ups! If you are not searching, just come out and have fun with us. Don't stay home when all of your friends already made plans, we're all waiting for you!

Our gatherings will be held in beautiful places, and are FREE. No tickets for sale here to meet other members, we're all about building a strong community of awesome singles, creating relationships and happiness, opening up our world and connecting with other people from all walks of life!

Okay, are you ready to say hello? Let's do something fun every week, try different things, meet thousands of people! Who will be the first to meet and shake hands with 500 awesome people? Winner gets a surprise! We want to find out how it will impact our lives if we know thousands in our community. I imagine it to be amazing...

Join us, it's going to be fun! BUT BEFORE YOU DO READ AND AGREE TO THE TERMS FIRST. CLICK HERE (https://www.meetup.com/The-Singles-Community/about/)

See you on the other side!

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Napa Valley's Best Kept Secret, Day Trip Part 1

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Happy Hour Meet and Greet. Come say Hi!

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