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The UK Property Network Live, which has been running for a good 14 years now, is a group of friendly property investors - from people who are just starting out, we all start at the bottom of the ladder, to the more experienced landlords who have built multi-million pound portfolios.
We hold a monthly live, face to face informal Meetup event where we have guest speakers coming along sharing with us about their property journey or their investment strategies along with their lessons and top tips.
There is always a Q&A session to help you dig deeper into the speaker’s presentation and general property investment topics of the day.
We have a mortgage broker as part of the team at each event, so if you ever need to speak about mortgages, or even want to try to understand the current mortgage market help is at hand.
Our group is a fun-filled way to gain information on a variety of up-to-date real estate topics:

Investing - Strategies and Tips; How to get started or scale up

Properties and Buyers; where and what  people buy and why they buy

Mortgage & Raising Private Finance – everyone needs to raise finance

Real Estate Marketing Strategies; to help us find those elusive deals

Property Management; its very easy to buy a property the hard bit is managing it and ensuring it puts money in our pocket and not take it out

Market Updates; always changing
Investor Mindsets – the hard bit

... and more

We welcome both new, even if you don’t currently own any property and seasoned investors/professionals and anyone that is open-minded and constantly looking to expand their own abilities and share their  knowledge base.

The goal of the group is to help investors grow to the next level, while providing information and tools that can be used in the field today.
There is plenty of opportunity to network with the other guests in the bar both before and after the event.
We look forward to seeing you at out next event  


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Mark Dalton - ‘How I’m Prepping My Business For 2023’

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Tickets only available online at --> https://ukpropertyliveonline.com/?ref=2


What to get the most out of 2023?

You need to start thinking about this NOW!!

On Monday night Mark will share part of his system of success where PLANNING plays a big role in being EFFECTIVE & EFFICIENT with your time, money and actions.




Tickets only available online at --> https://ukpropertyliveonline.com/?ref=2


Bring your note pad's!


We go online at 6:30pm


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