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We are a Writers/Writing and Content community aimed at helping writers of all levels to sharpen their writing skills, learn new writing verticals, connect them with influencers and mentors, as well as to meet and share with other passionate writers. Most importantly, we aim to equip writers with the essential skills or knowledge to develop and conduct themselves as an independent, professional writing entity/business.


We believe writers are no longer just authors and poets. These days, writers are also widely found in the advertising and online marketing realms. Our meet-ups touch on a broad range of subjects which include:

- Writing for publishing (books, poems, etc)
- Writing for sales (copywriting, advertising, etc)
- Writing reviews (film reviews, product reviews, etc)
- Blogging 101 (how to start a successful blog, blogger outreach programs, etc)
- Online writing (SEO, keywords, etc)
- More!


We organize casual meet-ups and also workshops with influencers but most of all, we strive to ensure that all our meet-ups are ABSOLUTELY FUN. Some examples of meet-ups you might be interested in:

- #CopyShop Series: A workshop slash AMA (Ask Me Anything) meet-up with thought leaders and influencers.

- #CoWriting Series: A little low on inspiration and motivation? Join us for a co-working meet-up especially for writers/bloggers who just want to get things done.

- #WriteUp Series: A themed, icebreaker-type meet-up designed for members to hang out or get together for special events and/or occasions.


- Writers of all levels
- Bloggers
- Copywriters
- Content creators
- Content marketers
- Social media enthusiasts
- Entrepreneurs

We welcome anyone with an interest in writing (in any shape or form), who can bring ideas to the table, who wants to create or collaborate with other writers, and have fun while doing it. So hop on board today!

For more information, visit our website at http://www.thewriteup.co .

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