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"The Sweat", for Gay & Bi Men-Only, 21+, has been a warm, caring, loving fellowship of Gay & Bi Men for over 30 years. Located in Raymond, NH, it was started by The Radical Fairies, and has continued on, in near-continuous operation in Raymond, since the Radical Fairies relocated to Vermont a number of years ago.

"The Sweat" is a unique experience, where Gay/Bi men gather, Clothed, take a short walk on a quiet wooded path to a private, secluded clearing in a private woodland, and build a fire to heat up heat-retaining bricks & granite blocks. The men strip down to their natural, total bare selves (retaining footware), enjoy the warmth of the fire, and share hugs, and converse. Fire tenders then extract the heated bricks/blocks, which are carefully transported to inside a rustic circular "sweat lodge", and place into a center pit. Once heated, the "sweat lodge" functions much like a dry sauna. The men, fully nude (except footwear) sit on the circular built-in bench, and begin to sweat. There is conversation, sharing, sensual touch permitted, or simply quiet. Water is shared (or you bring yours), and water occasionally put on the hot rocks to release some steam, creating more sweat.

It's a unique bonding experience, sharing ourselves & our nude bodies w/ Nature, and w/ each other.

Here you can find comradery / fellowship, affirmation, connection / community (that of nude Gay & Bi Men), belonging, the freedom of sharing and speaking about our own special form of Male sexuality, and sensuality -- of sharing touching & hugging w/ no clothes in the way of full contact, and make new friends, in a place apart from the rest of the World. We're just with each other!

And, to top that all off, once we have sweated and enjoyed, we put our clothes back on (Required by the Owner), and return back through the woods to another building on the property, to shower off the sweat together, get dressed, and proceed to a dining room, where we enjoy a communal-style potluck dinner.

This unique & wonderful experience has been a "best-kept secret" for 30 years.

And the food & beverages / wine / beer that YOU bring for Sharing for the potluck dinner, is great, too!!

Come join us!

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