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Be.Real – Be.Free – Collaborate

The Property Collab is a team of obsessed property investors that have created a place where like-minded people can meet, network and collaborate on all things property related. This space is for all people, from all walks of life, that are all about property, property deals and the ultimate goal, Financial Freedom.

The South African property market like no other market around the world and being associated with people who are doing deals in our own back yard, is the only way to learn, grow and achieve your goals.

Networking Events

Join us once a month, every month for a few hours in an evening, to network with like-minded property investors and discuss all things property.

Deal Analysis

We look at deals all day, every day, and we bring these deals to you to explore and learn. We’ll also give you the chance to present and discuss deals so that we can all learn and even collaborate on deals.


With Others The Property Collab is the ideal platform for you to join forces with other aspiring investors, find partners, money investors, team members and people that can help you move forward, faster.

Learning & Growing

“Formal education will make you a living, self education will make you a Fortune”. Jim Rohn.

Being exposed to the experiences of other investors will catapult your growth and learning.

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Networking Event - February 2020

Eagles Nest Conference Centre

Networking Event - January 2020

Skoobs Theatre of Books Montecasino

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