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The Thelemic Order of the Golden Dawn is a Magical and Mystical Order with seven Grades of Initiation. These grades are linked with the seven Chakras of Yoga, the seven traditional Planets of Astrology, and the seven Metals of Alchemy. The system of the Order is also Qabalistic in nature. It is Kundalini Yoga, Mystical Alchemy, Qabalistic and Magical Initiation in one, designed as a service for the Initiate of the Great Work of Thelema. It derives its wisdom and knowledge from various Eastern and Western religious and philosophical sources. Its ceremonies have been constructed to accord with the principles of Thelema and to instruct the Initiate in the Magick of Thelema, for the realization of his/her True Will, and for the attainment of the Knowledge and Conversation of his/her Holy Guardian Angel. Its work, as a whole, can be described as Scientific Illuminism.
This is an Initiatory Organization. Participation is by Initiation Only.

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