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Hello World! This meetup is born out of the desire to share universal knowledge that can then be applied using real-world methods to develop a self-improving framework for the Theory of Everything. I am actively recruiting on Facebook, Upwork, Kolabtree and Meetup for this project - everyone will be aware of the meetings held through Meetup.

If you are someone who considers yourself a lifelong student, have the ability to set ego aside to understand different languages of thought and can use that knowledge to improve your own language that you can share in turn, you would be an excellent fit for this project.

In today's world, unless you work as a career specialist, most scientific discovery at the forefront of various fields is not comprehensible by the average citizen - this meetup intends to change that. If you are an artist, a physicist, a Buddhist, an atheist, a mathematician - all have an understanding of the world that can be applied across mediums, and the key is in learning how to communicate and apply that understanding effectively - the methodology here is in and of itself encompassed in the theory.

Everything is essentially 'on the record' with these meetings - over the next couple weeks after starting this Meetup (today is March 2, 2019) I'll be working on an initial template, email blast, questions and more to establish a baseline for where humanity is in terms of our current understanding of how the universe works. Again, this includes everything from quantum physics to AI, astronomy, religion, spirituality, etc. though, because of the intent to apply this knowledge in a real-world setting, we will likely spend most of our time within the framework of science (recognizing its pairings across various fields).

Once a baseline is established and the group can effectively communicate, I am considering creating a live video feed (YouTube or Facebook as an example) so that people can see what we are actively working on and provide their own real-time feedback, all with the goal of process improvement, a stronger network of resources, idea tracking and a digital record.

Based on the size of the group, meetings will take place at either my apartment or a public area with enough space - for meetings at my apartment, it is a 420-friendly environment - I find this useful for people like myself when developing an understanding of deeper, abstract concepts. I am hoping to have the first meeting by the end of March - if you have any questions please let me know, and as the Meetup evolves I will post updates here.

Thank you and I hope to see you soon! - Bob

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The Axiom Project

ZenCat Lounge

Hello Everyone! It's time for another event - this one will provide more information on The Axiom Project and its goal through this year. The prize for the contest winner is a minimum of $1,000 and is completely free to participate in, so please consider taking part! I'll be posting more information to this Meetup group related to the project in the coming days and weeks, but please feel free to ask questions on the group forum. As far as the location, we'll be meeting at ZenCat lounge - I realize it's out of the way for some of you so if you can't make it this time I understand, but I'm expecting to continue this each month so we may change the location to Downtown for the next one. Have a great weekend! - Bob

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First Collaboration - Creating a framework

King Of New York Pizzeria Pub

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