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In an age of polarization, "fake news," science denial of various sorts, the marriage of evangelical Christianity to far-right politics, the absence of ethical leadership at all levels of government as well as the public sector, the threat of terrorism, illegal immigration and its effects on families, the ever-rising costs of health care, the new "gig" economy and the consequences for those with less job security than ever before...what really matters? Are there solutions -- real ones that don't involve judging and condemning anyone who doesn't share your opinion of how things should work?

This is a meetup for those who are concerned about the state of America and the world at large, and who desire to rise above politics, labels, and the hopelessness engendered by the chronic gridlock of those in power. Each meetup will include a half-hour presentation, followed by a round-table discussion. Anyone is invited to participate, of any political or religious (or lack thereof) persuasion. The main requirement for participants will be, if you disagree with a presented viewpoint, ASK A QUESTION instead of stating your disagreement. This will allow a reasoned discussion without inflaming emotions and hampering fruitful discussion.

Members are encouraged to join our Facebook group, "Things That Really Matter," here:

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We are currently searching for a meeting space. Please PM if you have space available.

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Late Lunch at Hugo's

Hugo's Restaurant

Dine and Discuss

Something Vegan

Meet and Greet

Tender Greens Burbank