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Think Act Change: Is your life too plastic? Short film w/guest speakers!

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Plastic (not so) fantastic. When did we find ourselves living in such a plastic world? And what are the implications of our lives being so plastic? How does it affect our environment, our lives, our health and ultimately the future of our planet?

At this months Think Act Change I'm excited to announce that we'll be having a screening of the short film "Bag It (" followed by some amazingly inspiring guest speakers.

Bag It follows 'everyman' Jeb Berrier as he tries to make sense of our dependence on plastic bags. Jeb soon learns that the problem extends past landfills, to oceans, rivers and ultimately human health.

The film explores these issues and identifies how our daily reliance on plastic threatens not only waterways and marine life, but human health too.

This is going to be one awesome, eye-opening & inspiring evening that promises to leave you with a changed perspective on how you view plastic.

We will also have stalls from Take 3, Responsible Runners, Freshie and more on the night making this an interactive extravaganza where you'll come away with real practical solutions for living a happier, healthier, more plastic free life.

PLUS the wonderful Freshie have come on board as a sponsor & will have a gift for everyone in the audience on the night!

Speakers will include:

TIM SILVERWOOD - Environmentalist, Plastic Pollution Spokesperson, Surfer

In August 2011, Tim returned from an expedition to the North Pacific Gyre (or North Pacific Garbage Patch) with alarming insights into the frightening state of the worlds oceans and will talk about his expedition at the screening.

COSTA GEORGIADIS - TV Personality & all round awesome dude

Costa Georgiadis grew up around food. His grandfather, a market gardener seeded his DNA with a love of soil. His first steps were on his godfathers property in the Bylong Valley NSW. His grandfathers seeds germinated and grew though a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree at UNSW, Permaculture Design Studies, Catchment management Courses and then International travel and work in Europe.

Costa loves the language of communication and more recently has been spreading this passion with his show Costa’s Garden Odyssey on SBS. This vehicle has enabled him to share and communicate the wonderful work that is going on in the world of regenerative agriculture, food production, and community building across the country. Costa sees the world as a garden that nurtures us. He gardens the soil and the soul.

MATT PERRY - Co-founder - Republic of Everyone

In addition to co-founding Republic of Everyone Matt has co-created three separate businesses. The Bravery is a PR & Social agency, The Garage Sale Trail is a national annual event and Grow It Local is a food movement.

In 2012 he attended Rio+20 ( in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he co-founded and managed an event called Plasticity ( in partnership with the Ocean Recovery Alliance ( As the name suggests Plasticity aims to open up the debate on plastics and to interrogate plastic’s role in the context of a sustainable future.

DANE MURRAY - Social Entrepreneur & Product Designer

Dane is a designer of products and services that make it convenient for us to be more ecologically sustainable. As an Industrial Designer, Dane has designed plastic consumer products including children's toys, sports equipment and medical devices, with a focus on lifecycle responsibility. As a Social Entrepreneur, Dane is empowering consumers to make mindful choices, that reduce the social and environmental impact caused by the products we need to maintain our wellbeing. Dane's fun new social enterprise is a toothbrush subscription service called green-teeth!

ANDREW CAMPION - Founder & MD, Freshie

Freshie was founded by Andrew Campion, an economist with a diverse background in consulting, Dot.Coms and the music industry. As a consultant he has worked under Richard Neville (Oz magazine) in the area of strategic planning at the Neville Freeman agency. He rode the Dot.Com boom – and bust – at Aussie start-up He founded the events and online marketing firm ‘on the fly’, and has been moonlighting as a DJ for the past two decades. Disturbed by the amount of unnecessary plastic choking our environment, Andrew set up the Freshie business, launching on World Water Day, 22 March 2011. His ambitions with Freshie are driven by the belief that as humans we can find commercial - and therefore sustainable - solutions to every the problem we face.

BOOM! Night full of awesome coming your way :)


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