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Live FREE webinar - Automating Jira

WeWork 1 Shankar St

Live Webinar Hosted by Elad Ben-Noam Agile software and tools expert at AgileSparks. Register here: https://bit.ly/2UrLBPs Intro: In order to make work more efficient, we need to change the way we do things, from manual work to an automated one. By using automation on Jira cleverly, we can make our development process more precise, decrease our cycle time and get better reports. In this session we’ll discover the best ways Jira has to offer for automating our processes. See you there, Elad and the AgileSparks Academy team.

וובינר חינמי- משפחה מסתגלת-איך ליצור אי של ודאות בתנאים של אי ודאות בעזרת אג'ייל

בימים אלו הבית שלנו מיטלטל כמו אוניה בים סוער, אנחנו פה כולנו יחד, במציאות חדשה לכולנו. אז איך דואגים שזה יהפוך לאי שאנחנו חולמים עליו? שליו, נעים ושמח? אג'ייל היא גישה שעובדת מעולה עם צוותים טכנולוגיים ועסקיים, אז למה לא בצוות הראשוני שהוא המשפחה? בואו לשמוע איך גישה פשוטה, יכולה מאוד לעזור לכם בבית לייצר פוקוס, שיתוף, מעורבות ועצמאות בימים טרופים אלו.​​​​​​​ הרשמו לוובינר בהנחייתה של יעל רבינוביץ' כאן: https://event.webinarjam.com/register/66/6v53gi0q

Agile for hardware and multidisciplinary domains solutions (Israel)

Agile for hardware and multidisciplinary domains solutions The roots of the Lean-Agile thinking are in manufacturing and general management. However, sometimes, Agile is wrongly associated with software development only. Some organizations exclude anything that is not software development from their Lean-Agile transformation effort, compromising Agility and hurting their overall organization progress towards Agility. Reality is that any engineering domain other than software development can highly benefit from Lean-Agile management. In fact, the Lean-Agile ORG has been proven far more effective and Lean-Agile practices have been practiced and proven beneficial with business domains - such as HR, marketing and sales. In this meetup we will specifically discuss how we can practice Agile and Lean with multidisciplinary domains solutions consisting development of hardware, mechanical systems, chemical engineering, UX, practical research and any other engineering domains, no matter if software is or isn't part of the solution. Raffle! We will raffle FREE ticket to our annual Agile conference at the[masked]. Trainer: Gili Aharoni Get Your Ticket HERE>> https://www.eventbrite.com/e/meetup-agile-for-hardware-and-multidisciplinary-domains-solutions-israel-tickets-76874905913

Front End Testing - increasing speed and quality

WeWork 1 Shankar St

Hosted by Yaki Koren Scrum.org PST, Agile coach, Head of engineering practices at AgileSparks. In today's dynamic world, Agility is a must. We will demonstrate how by using Unit Tests, Integration Tests and Test Driven Development, both for new and legacy code, achieving faster and better code is made possible. We will demonstrate the concepts and practices using React but the tools and ideas apply also to Angular, VUE and other frameworks.

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