What we're about

This group is for men & women who may be new to the valley, or who just want to network with new friends. For people who want to grow & learn more about themselves & the world around them through books and deep conversation & reflection. I started this group as a black man who wanted to connect with his brothers & sisters in a way that would get me out of my shell, but also help anyone else who might feel the same way. As a black man in Phoenix it’s been tough to connect with like minded men & women, so I’m hoping to do that & build a community where we can share our head spaces & feel comfortable. All races & backgrounds are accepted! To start off I would love to pick a book and meet up weekly - biweekly depending on our schedules and the length of the book. Hopefully as we continue to build our connections we can venture off to meeting up & having cocktail hours or different types of outings, depending on the crowd.

Upcoming events

No upcoming events