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Hey, everyone! Welcome to our community and make yourselves at home! Our goal in creating this group was multifold: to create a comfortable space where anyone could build lasting friendships, to have fun and be our uniquely weird selves, to expand our knowledge and experience new things with new people, to go hiking and trekking, camping and exploring, to go out on a Friday night, or just grab coffee and talk for hours. It's not easy to step out of a comfort zone so thank you for joining us and contributing to our community. :) If there is an event or an activity you'd like to see but don't, drop us a line, we're always interested in expanding our event selection. And once again, welcome! :)

Please read our Code of Conduct and Community Rules in the google doc below. It is important to us that everyone feel safe and secure in our group and understanding the terms of condition helps everyone to be their best self.

Thinkers and Activity Seekers - Code of Conduct (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ht8sauFhNY6svLG8Nc8ONaoGBzbsvST_1wBIjPmEPQI/edit?usp=sharing)

Upcoming events (3)

Monthly Brunch, this time at Waterbar!

Waterbar San Diego

Since the last few brunches we've had have been so much fun with such great company, this has now become a monthly gig! :) Located along the ocean-front boardwalk in Pacific Beach, Waterbar is an incredible venue with a fairly robust menu that caters to pretty much everyone. Between the sunshine and ocean breeze and the company and the drinks, this is going to be an awesome brunch! If you want to take a look at their menu beforehand, here's their link: https://www.waterbarsd.com/brunch-menu/ Please bring cash simply because it will be easier to handle the check, trust us. :) Can't wait to see everyone and feel free to email us with any questions! :) **Please note, this is a limited seating event so make sure you're familiar with our RSVP policy. :)

Board Games, Chocolate, and Happy Hour!

Eclipse Chocolate Bar & Bistro

Join us at Eclipse Chocolate in South Park for our monthly game night and all night happy hour the last Tuesday of each month, hosted by the connoisseur of Kickstarter games, Jeff! Drinks are only $5 for drinking chocolates, and wine and beer by the glass. The vibe: Casual fun getting to know you times. The focus: Will be on party games (board games that typically last 1 hour or less) The eats: All good, especially the wine and the drinking chocolates; show your support and grab a glass! The games: Jeff will bring a few, Eclipse has a few, and if there are some you'd like to play, bring those too! And Puzzle People, bring those too if you'd like, all is welcome! We look forward to seeing everyone and as always, don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! :)

Batting Cages

Stadium Golf Center & Batting Cages

I know, I know! It's Cinco de Mayo! But for those of us who don't like crowds and still want to do something active, I thought this was a great alternative. Cost is only $2/20 pitches and they have 14 cages: 10 baseball and 4 softball. If you don't have a bat or helmet, no worries, they provide them for you for free and yes, the helmets are 100% disinfected. Lol. If playing ball makes you a little hungry, there are plenty of great food options in the area as well, so something to consider. :) April has been a very busy month so I haven't been around as much and as such, I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone! :)

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The Triple "T" Threat: Taco Trivia Tuesday!

AleSmith Brewing Company

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