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We warm-heartedly invite everyone who is ready to let go of all of our opinions, concepts, conditionings and judgements to together think in openess and peace and explore and create a world that is not based on greed, dependancy, competition, etc., but on freedom, inner and outer peace, joy, sharing and togetherness. In our meetings, we sit down, leave everything we have learnt outside the door and think together about topics that concern us all such as "How can we live a life in true freedom?", "Who are we?", "What is money and how would we want to use it in today's society?", "What is possession?", "Why is there so much war?", "Where is humanity heading?", "Are we in control of life?", "What is the self?" and everything else that concerns us, always starting from a tabula rasa, i.e. as if we created the world anew, from scratch.

Most of the times, when attending conferences or lectures, or even when trying to solve problems, people tend to only use opinions and acquired knowledge vs. openly approaching such topics without any past knowledge. Often times, we are not even aware of how our culture, upbringing, friends, teachers, media and society have conditioned our thinking.

The objective is to become aware of our thinking patterns, challenge them, and explore solutions for our freedom and the one for society and potentially action those solutions in form of a venture or creating a book co-written by our group.

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Instead of having a clear sense of direction, we are mostly other-directed

l'Espace de Quartier Sécheron, Room 105

What does it mean to live fully?

l'Espace de Quartier Sécheron, Room 105

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