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This is a group to help people that may want to grow themselves personally or their business, set and achieve major goals and fulfil your unknown real potential . The aim of this meet up is have regular live events in Dublin, based on material of Bob Proctor, world class teacher of Success and Universal Laws, one of the stars of 'The Secret'. All seminars are led by Barry Lynch, a success coach and Thinking Into Results certified Consultant, trained and mentored by Bob Proctor himself. He has being in business and run successful franchisees and business for the last 30 years, he has a proven track record for being passionate about helping people experience and express their potential. He enjoys showing people how they can get whatever they want, easier and faster than they thought before. To learn more, check out: http://paradigmcoaching.com or better yet, come join us at the event and find out for yourself your true potential?

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Secrets To Simplify Success & Multiply Results

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31 Years of being an entrepreneur and the help of the Bob Proctor has allowed me to be able to now show others how they too can have anything they want in life and business.

In our up-coming webinar we will show you:

1/ How the self-image can be sabotaging your life and income

2/ How to take control over thoughts, emotions and actions to create massive results

3/ A step by step process to creating Multiple Sources Of Income

5 Minutes intro
45 Minutes Workshop
10 Minutes Q & A

When was the last time I was truly happy?
If you haven't asked yourself by now. Or you haven't allowed yourself to answer wholeheartedly to this question - the time is now.
Once I permitted myself to provide a sincere answer, I was on the highway to personal change.

Yes, I was a successful businessman for 31+ years.
Yes, I closed huge deals and made a lot of money.
Yes, I had a beautiful and loving family.

But I realised that I was becoming too confident. I thought I knew everything about everything and needed no help from anyone.
Isn't that the main indicator that you need help?
Well, the relationships issues and the multiple high court actions surely were.
I made the biggest decision of my life. I decided to change - and found a new way.
I shifted my paradigms/ Habits. I changed my mindset. I became a better person.
Today I am proud to see a totally different person staring back at me in the mirror, a happy, healthy and free man.
I go to bed, and I sleep well, and I wake up without stress / anxiety.
The reason I went to that bad place in life was because I was too proud to take help, ask for advice because I was afraid to look weak.
While I certainly went through difficult times, I have now found a proven way to avoid the pitfalls. I am now able and eager to help others avoid mistakes that can be avoidable.
Wondering what I can show you?

👉How the mind works & how you are currently programmed to get your current results
👉How to take control over your thoughts, emotions and actions to create massive results
👉Step by step process on how you can create and design your future life starting today!

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Mindset For Success & Happiness

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