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This is a group for people wanting to grow, set and achieve worthy goals and fulfil their potential. The form of this meet up are regular live events in Dublin, based on material of Bob Proctor, world class teacher of Success and Universal Laws, one of the stars of 'The Secret'. The seminars are led by Ewa Pietrzak, a success coach and Thinking Into Results Consultant, trained and mentored by Bob Proctor himself. She's passionate about helping people experience and express their potential. She enjoys showing people how they can get whatever they want, easier and faster than they thought before. To learn more, check out: http://ewapietrzak.tiritstime.com/ or better yet, come to the event and find out for yourself!

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Master Your Money Mindset - Online Masterclass

Online event

Learn the Step by Step Formula that can move you to the next level of Sales AND Fulfilment - Register following the link: https://www.abundantresultscoachingltd.com/masterclass

**Once you register you will get the email confirmation with your workbook & further information on how to join our FB group where the Masterclass will be held.

During this 5 day ( 1 hour sessions) live masterclass you will learn:
1. Mindset shifts you must know to reach consistent 6 & 7 Figures

2. Strategies that move you from employee level salary to high 6 & 7 Figures

3. Step by step formula that can moves you to that next level of sales AND fulfilment

*Are you a coach, consultant or network marketer deeply craving to jump to that next level of income in 2021?

*You’re doing a lot, feels like you take all the actions under the Sun but you’re not breaking through to that €10k, €20K or €50K per month solid?

*You watch others in your industry doing it so easily & you wonder ‘what have they got that I don’t’?

*You KNOW deep down you can do more & you deserve more but you just don’t know how?

Register following the link: https://www.abundantresultscoachingltd.com/masterclass

Meet Ewa

I remember the day as if it was yesterday when I went into my coaching business full time, I was earning €3k per month overworking, I loved what I was doing but deeply craved more ease & joy around earning money & receiving clients ...
Within 2 years using simple mindset shifts & strategies, from my mentor, Bob Proctor & other multimillionaires, I’ve scrapped at least 30% of my working time per week, replaced ‘being busy’ with doing what works, and went from €50k per year to €50k per month - and since Nov 2020, €120K per month, just closing my first €Million in a year.

And now I want to help YOU too!
You have a mission to make an impact with your work.
You deserve to earn well & live in luxury as well as helping others!
If you’re sick & tired hassling, knowing in your gut you can do so much better.
If you’re deeply craving high end lifestyle choices, live, work, travel in luxury & comfort.
If you want to give more & enjoy your life more.
Join our 5 day masterclass & learn simple shifts that will make a whole lot of difference!

To register follow this link: https://www.abundantresultscoachingltd.com/masterclass

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