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Hey all, this is the first Meetup group I've ever created, so here goes! I know there are a few groups dedicated to making new friends, but there wasn't one as niche as this, so I've decided to create one.

The purpose of the group is to provide more social interactions for people in their 30s who are still rocking it solo. Looking for a positive vibe with the group. The group is open to both guys and ladies, BUT it is NOT a "singles group." Hey, if two folks simply end up connecting over time and live happily ever after, that's totally cool. That's not the purpose of the group though. Any complaints or reports of unwanted advances or otherwise will result in the offending person being kicked out of the group.

Gatherings can be going out to eat, going out for drinks, attending events, going to museums, checking out coffee shops, sports activities, and anything in between around the Metro-Detroit area! If the group takes off, with the exception of December, the goal is to have at least two things happening each month. I'll try to mix up the geographic locations, days, and activities, but I can only think of so much. Open to suggestions! :-) This group is your group!



If being a third-wheel (or fifth wheel or seventh wheel) is getting old for you, then this group is for you.

If all the new friends you're making these days seem to come in pairs, then this group is for you.

If you absolutely love your friends and would go to the ends of the Earth for them, but are getting sick & tired of seeing all their baby pictures, engagement ring photos, and social media posts of undying love for their significant others, then this group is for you.

If you keep having one dull dating experience after another, have sworn off men (or women) altogether, or are perfectly comfortable with rocking it solo, then this group is for you.

If you'd love to find your forever guy (or lady), but hey, it just hasn't happened yet, then this group is for you.

If you dread family functions these days because you can’t stand the questions, judgments, etc., then this group is for you.

If you’re simply looking for new people to bond with on conversation topics that consist of things other than diapers, wedding rings, in-laws, and child soccer games, then this group is for you.

If you need to swap dating stories, need to vent about the nosies in your life, or need to complain in general with people who still understand, then this group is for you.

*(If you're married, engaged, or in a super-long-term relationship, congrats! This group probably isn't for you though.)

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