What we're about

Bend, Oregon is becoming a hot-spot of innovation and a home to creative entrepreneurs who are making a difference. Our mission is to create a strong collaborative community, where people inspire each other and creatively work together to discuss and solve key problems that fall into a few main categories: clean technology, society, sustainability, and climate change.

Are you a creative person who enjoys discussing important topics and working in a group setting? Do you enjoy participating in stimulating discussion about new ideas and would like to see them materialize? Do you like being in a place where your idea is heard, appreciated, and can possibly inspire others? Have you wanted to be in a group that is actually committed to making a long-term (and meaningful) impact locally or globally? Maybe...this is it.

This. Is. It. Lab is a creative work group where you can expect it to be inclusive, engaging, innovative, equitable and...cool. If you have an idea, testable hypothesis, "problem" to be solved, project, concept, or realistic solution that falls into any of the categories above, then perhaps focused group collaboration is the platform to help develop your vision. Maybe...this is it.

Perhaps you would like to share ideas, creations, or concepts for a better ___(fill in the blank)___.

What to mainly expect at each meeting:

1) We'll start with some breathing exercises (just kidding). On a more serious note, we'll start by getting right into a relevant topic headlined by a group presenter. We don't really know how conversations will start, but we'll see if the conversation can actually make a real difference and has a positive impact. Be prepared to talk and share your idea (or someone else's), and actually attempt to work on the "problem" to be solved.

2) The meetings are structured, focused, and engaging (but you don't need to be an expert at public speaking). It helps if your "thesis" or opening statements are grounded in something relevant and important for people, society, or the planet to have or use in a beneficial way.

3) We'll have members present ideas and generate a group discussion. There are so many possibilities, but we hope everyone will ultimately benefit from the experience.

**Please understand that this group is not a sales platform. Please respect our wishes that you do not try to acquire customers at our group meetings, as it will detract from our common purpose and mission.**

We look forward to having you join us!

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