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A safe community space, in the center of Ware Massachusetts, for talks by Empathic Psychic Medium Keith Joseph Chouinard. Join us for Keiths talks on many subjects he has extensive experience in. Keith has had major psychic visions since childhood, as well as many of his previous lives. Come listen and share, as he facilitates teaching through telling true life stories of seeing into and through the realms of spirit.

Learn about raising consciousness, and share in facilitated experiences with that intent.

Learn about how and why people have visions. Learn where those abilities come from.

Learn about the realities of reincarnation, as Keith tells stories of his previous lives he sees through. Listen as he tells of his experiences in other countries, that he has traveled to, in discovering what his memories are showing him. And the proof he has discovered.

At times Keith will offer light readings and channeled teachings during the Meetups. He will discuss what he sees coming in the future.....

Reserve your space ahead. Space will be limited.

Come BE present and learn about your presence!

Keith is an Empathic Therapist and Teaches several modalities of working with spirit and energy. He has offices in West Brookfield and Ware, Massachusetts.

His autobiography is: Awaking Spirit reclamation of being

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Intro to Holy Fire Reiki

This N That "2"


Come share in a Holy Fire Reiki experience. Learn about some of the principles of what Holy Fire Reiki is. Holy Fire Reiki can assist one in becoming experientially conscious of their spirit. It works with your free will in opening more clearly to ones higher self. Come share in an enlightening experience.

Chakra 101

This N That "2"


Come have fun learning about what your aura is, and how it is made up of all the colors and energy of your chakras! Each participant will receive a complimentary small velvet bag with 7 gemstones that relate to each of their seven major chakras as part of the class. We will learn how to work with these gemstones as well as what our chakras are. If you would like to go deeper into learning about the chakras, you will be offered a chance to book a further appointment at another time to actually see your chakras on a bio sensor system that Keith has as a teaching therapy tool.

Working with Crystals and Gemstones

This N That "2"


Come learn to experience the energies of crystals and gemstones! Get to share in learning how to open up to the vibrations, and how working with them can assist you in life. Learn how to pick the right ones to work with. Get a complimentary clear quartz crystal point as part of this class.

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Are You Conscious of Your Spirit?

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