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(not announced)(sample) The Autry

Autry Museum of the American West

The Autry 4700 Western Heritage Way, Griffith Park Los Angeles https://theautry.org Open and free on the second Tuesday of every month,

DTLA Rooftop Night Market . . . it's and Odd Market

The Rooftop Odd Market is DTLA's only Night Market with curated food booths, artists, designers, and local makers. This is a companion event to the Union Station Magic. The idea is go there first. Then make to this for the rest of the eve. Or go to this on it's own. That work's too. They are set up independent of eachother (not a real word) . And since they will be moving we will need to use the comments section to pin down meet spots over the course of the eve. 200 is the Number of Pop Up Booths It may take a hot minute to get filled up but who cares? This is a great place to come spend a day and support these local designers, makers, dreamers and "I'm quitting my day job-ers" 750 Parking Spaces Don't sweat the parking because FREE PARKING. That's right "Free" Parking! Or take an Uber or Lyft. Or use Getaround.com $5 admission.

Rafting, Hiking (HUGE Sequoia Trees, Waterfalls and more) & Camping Trip [LFG]

We are going rafting down the Kern River and camping at Lake Isabella! This will be the 7th time we've done this trip - it's that awesome! Plus lets visit the Sequoia Trees and a hidden waterfall! And maybe some waterslides and hotsprings? The funds cover the rafting trip, Friday & Saturday dinners, pastries and coffee for breakfast, the campground and some other goodies. :) We have our own private campsite so everyone will hang out together! We are right on the lake with beautiful views and opportunities to explore day and night. Let's have a blast! Plus we are close to civilization - near the supermarket, drug store, Starbucks and more. Itinerary: Friday - drive up about 150 miles. Ideally leave before traffic, but if you have to leave after work that is fine! When you get to the campground set up and then hang out and mingle with everyone. Saturday - With your new friends, visit the Sequoia trees and secret waterfall in the morning. Then head back raft in the afternoon! Hang out with your new friends in the evening! Sunday - you can head straight home or do something else such as see more Sequoias, enjoy some hot springs and/or try out the water slides. Questions: 1. What do I need to bring? A full list will be provided a week or two before the trip. But basically you need to bring your personal amenities and tent, sleeping bag air mattress etc. 2. What if I don't have a sleeping bag and/or tent? If you don't have a sleeping bag buy one or borrow one. You don't need a fancy one - a $20 one from Big 5 or Target will do. Or you can ask here is someone will share. Every time we've done this trip people have been willing to share tent space. 3. How does carpool work? The organizers will coordinate carpool for confirmed attendees based on where people are leaving from, when they can leave and whether or not they can drive. Departure times are determined by drivers. Expect to hear more about 1 week prior to the trip. Please do not use the comments to look for carpool - we will handle it. 4. What will the weather be like? Typically the weather in the area is in the 90's in the day and 60's at night. It's great weather to raft and camp! 5. What if I don't know anyone else going - is it weird to go by myself? Not at all! Most people come by themselves to these events and have a blast and end up with a new social circle of friends! 6. How do I lock in my spot? This trip is posted on many Meetup groups. I am centralizing everyone going into one group. If you want to go you must RSVP on my main group (which is not this group). Spots go to first paid, regardless of when you RSVP. This trip will fill up quickly so if you want to go lock in your spot with a payment. Please RSVP and follow the payment instructions on my main group. Here is a link to my main Meetup with more details and payment instructions: http://bit.ly/July2019Rafting This has been one of our most popular trips and has always been a great time!

{Free} Night at the Museum: A Montessori Scavenger Hunt AND Winebar after!

Such a deal!!! The First Friday of the Month is FREE from 5 to 8!!!!! So it's a fab FREE meetup. The reality is we will be Looking for the Lost Language of Hands (this is a camouflaged art lesson), . . . as well as having a lot of fun. So here is what will happen. First will be a small art lesson that explains what and why we are doing this (spoiler: it's all about the hands). People will then break people off into groups of 5 (or so). One person on the team will be responsible to sending photos of your items (the team with the most and best photos wins). Any time you run into another team you may take one of their members . And other teams may take a member from you. So this means during the course of the game you will meet lots of folks and more than just your team. After all, . . . it's a meetup So this is how we do it!! If the person sending the pix gets taken. Just pick a new one. And then AFTER we will adjourn to Grdn WineBar and figure the winners. Itinerary 6:15 to 8:00 PM Scavenger Hunt @ Norton Simon Museum 8:00 PM to 2AM The GRDN Winebar to figure out winners. 26 E Colorado And yes, . . . The whole museum part is FREE!!!! The Winebar part is on you Can kids come? To the Museum part yes: Yes. To the bar? Only if your kids are over 21. Parking: That's the question everybody ask. This is the Norton Museum Free Day (from 5 to 8). So that means it will be packed. The closer you get there to 5:30 you may find a spot. Your best bet is take the street parking as soon as you get off the freeway. The Museum closes at 8 so you will have to get out the lot and go to The Cellar The address below will take you to a public structure located just behind the winebar. 36 S Fair Oaks Ave This one is across from that 62 Mills Pl, Pasadena, CA 91105 And this one is across Colorado on the north side of the street from the Winebar 30 Union St, Pasadena, CA 91103 In other words there are plenty of structures and street parking. FEED THE METER if you park on the street. AND the meters run till midnight too. BUT WAIT!!! The train!!! Take the train!! Gold Line and get off at Del Mar or City Hall then Uber it. And yes, . . .the museum is aware we come and do this. So it's not like we will get in trouble. But we still have to behave (a little bit). I know, . . .it's at 6 on a Fri. Don't worry. If you live on Westside there are museums there. Final note: This event no +1. This means if you have a guest just have them RSVP. This way we are all coming on our own. Come on your own and leave with friends. 6:15 to 8:00 PM Scavenger Hunt @ Norton Simon Museum 8:00 PM to 2AM The Garden(spelled GRDN) Winebar (and beer) to figure out winners. 26 E Colorado We will meet at the FAR BACK, LEFT CORNER of the Sculpture Garden. Enter thru the front glass doors. Go thru the lobby and then go ALL the way to the back of the garden. Can't miss us from there. Pix from the last time we went in Dec 2018 We do this rather seldom. So don't miss this.

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