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Get ready to turbocharge your health with ketosis.

This meetup is aimed towards people who have adopted or are interested in a ketogenic lifestyle, for those who are following a keto diet for therapeutic purposes or to improve their health.

Whether you are already following a ketogenic diet, researching the merits of ketogenic (i.e. very low net carbohydrate) diets, or whether you are using them in conjunction for a training program to achieve health goals such as improving insulin sensitivity, preventing the complications of disease, or to build strength and improve your physical fitness - we welcome you to the Thornhill Keto meetup!

Since the group is currently new and we are still facing the viral pandemic, meetings will be virtual for the moment.

Here's a short list of some of the activities we plan to engaged in - we will:

• Help newcomers to keto get started effectively and avoid common mistakes

• Cover the research and get educated on how to enter healthy ketosis

• Find out how to get to our fitness goals more effectively

• Uncover the most impactful keto-friendly foods and products

• Learn from and network with one another

• Share recipes!

• Brainstorm ways to save money and make living a keto lifestyle more economically sound

• Generally explore ways to increase traction in our individual fitness journeys

• And, finally, we'll share recipes on how to make keto bread that actually taste as fluffy and delicious as real bread!! (This is *very* important!)

If you recognize that the various states of ketosis are part of a more complete and holistic approach to healthy living, and you are in the surrounding area, this group is for you!

Our rules:

1. No self-promotion, MLM, or spam. Do not send private messages to members with solicitations.

2. Be kind and courteous. Let's create a welcoming environment and treat everyone with respect. Each member is at different stages in their health and fitness journey, so be mindful and be kind.

3. Respect other member's privacy. Lively discussions make for great meetups, but the information shared may also be sensitive and confidential. Maintain this confidentiality and keep what has been shared in the group, within the group.

4. No hate speech or bullying. This just goes without saying; degrading comments about race, religion, culture, orientation, gender, or identity will not be tolerated.

Looking forward to getting educated and healthy with you all,

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