What we're about

Our vision

There is no place like Canada to meet people from all over the world, Let's talk - to understand each other, to explore different culture, to taste authentic food from different countries, and to live harmony.

Who we are?
We are open-minded and curious to the world. We love to share and want to connect to people. We love food and active life. we want a flourish life.

What we do ?
The amazing tool to remove culture barriers and build diverse perspectives is communication. We will arrange coffee talk for us to discuss any interesting topics, such as things are happening in the world -- you have opportunity to know more from Chinese about China news, Italian about Italian food, English about UK Brexit, etc

Where do we meet ?
In the coffee shop or restaurant with good food in Thorhill area.

What are the themes and activities ?
- Discuss the interesting hot topics
- Taste international food
- Meet people from all over the world
- Enjoy social and living

Past events (2)

Let's talk and share

9350 Yonge St

Let's talk

After Queen Tea Shop

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