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The group's main goal is to make money together. In order to achieve that goal we need to Share opportunities, give knowledge, educating, help and learn from each other. There are so many opportunities out there and we can't do it all by ourselves. Our retirement takes time to build and should be based on passive income and not on government grants. The group main focus is how to create wealth and then protect it. Many people work so hard all their lives just to loose it to the tax man. Asset protection is most important and usually ignored. We will not talk about no money down and similar strategies. Some of these strategies do work but require so much effort that make you wonder if it is actually worth your time. We are well connected to the financial industry and we will bring many speakers from huge investment companies and financial institutions according to your demand. The purpose is education and helping families. We can expose you to syndicate mortgages but we will NEVER get a referral fee for that. We will pass you the benefits. We will cut the huge profit that the syndicate mortgage companies make on your back. We look to create purchase groups to buy residential buildings and student housing in high demand areas. We will teach you how to save on taxes and protect yourself. and most important, we will have fun!

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