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Discover Landlord Shortcuts to Find Great Tenants, Collect Rent & Get Mortgages

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Discover Landlord Shortcuts to Find Great Tenants, Collect Rent & Get Mortgages


Did you know, about 50% of Ontario mortgage are up for renewal in 2018? With rising rates, rental property cash flow might be at risk. What’s a landlord to do? If that is a question on your mind, then be sure to attend the Meetup on Tuesday, May 15.

We have an amazing line up of experts to help you find ways to keep cash flow up and expenses down. This is our last Meetup for the season and I want to give you practical tips to keep your rentals thriving, not just surviving!

Benchmark Rate Changes – Should we panic?
Investor-savvy mortgage agent, Dalia Barsoum will explain how the new benchmark rate might affect us as investors and what we can do about it to keep growing our portfolios.

Who is Dalia Barsoum?
Dalia is an award-winning Mortgage Broker, Real Estate investor and finance advisor with over 20 years of experience in the banking sector. Dalia holds an MBA in Finance, has authored Canada’s Best Selling Real Estate Financing Book and Amazon's Best Seller: “Canadian Real Estate Investor Financing: 7 Secrets to Getting All the Money You Want”.
Dalia has helped many Real Estate investors kick start their investment plans as well as take their portfolios to the next level. Her clients range from rookie investors to sophisticated investors with multi-million-dollar portfolios.

Own Rentals? You May Be Wasting Time & Money!
GTA-based investor, Jay Shaw purchased 20 properties in less than two years in some of the hottest markets in Ontario (St. Catherine’s, Niagara and Hamilton). Jay will share what shortcuts he uses day to day to reduce expenditures and vacancies.

Who is Jay Shaw?
Jay and his wife have 20 properties and they manage their own portfolio. They founded Welcome Home Property Solutions & Welcome Home Management, a boutique property management company to assist other investors in the Niagara and Hamilton areas. Jay is an active real estate investor and real estate agent with Rock Star, a brokerage focused on helping investors grow their portfolio.

Property Management Tools to Simplify Landlording
Want to attract and keep amazing tenants who will care for your property as much as you do? Then you need to hear how the new standardized lease may affect tenant-screening and property management. Plus, you’ll get a hands-on demo of Dwello and Naborly, two Canadian-made landlord tools that are changing how landlords do business, for the better.

What’s Naborly?
Naborly is one of the fastest growing rent-tech companies in the industry currently servicing over 250,000 rentals across North America. Naborly's online tool includes a digital rental application for tenants that produces a risk analysis report for Landlord's highlighting the risks associated with the tenant. Naborly's goal is to make the rental transaction more efficient and transparent benefitting both the landlord and tenant.

What’s Dwello?
Dwello offers a cost-effective, simple way for landlords and property managers to receive payments from tenants without using cheques and protect you from NSFs. They set up pre-authorized payment contracts, provide useful reports and through TransUnion provide payment history to the credit bureau. Dwello also offers an innovative “tenant scoring” system that not only checks credit history, but also provides landlords security that a potential tenant can afford the rent you’re charging.


If you own at least one rental property, this Meetup is a must!

Reserve your seat now! Seats are limited and this is our last Meetup for the season!

Admission is $30 (cash or credit at the door).
Refreshments and snacks provided.
And as always, parking is free.

See you there!

Your host,

Rachel Oliver
Rent to Own Expert (, Bestselling Author on Amazon, Certified Real Estate Investment Advisor with REIN Canada, Co-Host of Mothers of Real Estate TV Show and Co-Creator of "MORE Confident Real Estate Investor Training"
9131 Keele Street, Suite A4
Keele & Rutherford area · Vaughan, ON
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