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The Thought Leaders & Influencers Community is here to assist employees, consultants, entrepreneurs and business people to learn, and develop their skills further, enhance their career and market their business to a wider audience.

The community offers a platform that will enable each of us to ensure our ongoing success within our respective businesses/professional endevours and continue to not only standout and win but also become leaders within our industries.

We are a group of like-minded people from a broad range of industries who share a common interest to grow and expand our businesses and careers through continual improvement and successful implementation of great ideas. We share:

* Organizational strategies, models, tools and systems to help increase our efficiency & be more productive.

* Innovative ideas to help our businesses stand out from the crowd, expose our brand to greater numbers of people & become even more influential.

* Insights to help ensure that our businesses and careers continue to grow, diversify and remain profitable over the long-term, and continue to attract new prospects and customers.

The topics we cover are diverse, from organizational development, lead generation, digital marketing, and branding to financial management, and team-building.

This group is about adding massive value to each other and creating win-win outcomes so that everyone may prosper and benefit from being a part of the community.

We are dedicated to helping each other optimise our products and services so we can continue to grow and ensure ongoing success.

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Prosperous Networking Night at WeWork


Prosperous Networking & Brand Exposure

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Prosperous Networking Night

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Prosperous Networking Night

Mr Tipley's

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