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ThoughtWorks presents: Talk & Code


Join us for great tech talks and coding dojos!

All over the world we provide a platform for passionate technologists to gather, network and hone our craft - and now we are thrilled to work with the tech community in Barcelona. We will start in the afternoon with great talks (in English), followed by some joined coding dojos. Well, and plenty of time for discussion and networking, too.

Coding dojos will concentrate on Scala. You do not have to be an experienced Scala developer at all, we are looking forward to all interested in getting to know the language and do their first steps.

If you want to know more about us in Barcelona, have a look here (

Our Agenda:

16:00 - 16:15: Welcome

16:15 - 17:00: Kief Morris: Implementing Infrastructure as code (learn more in the abstract below)

17:15 - 18:00: Wolf Schlegel: "Autobahn" in a cloud (learn more in the abstract below)

18:00 - 20:00: Networking, coding, sharing knowledge

Details regarding the talks:

Kief Morris: Implementing Infrastructure as Code

Hear author Kief Morris explain how you can take advantage of technologies like cloud, virtualization and configuration automation to manage IT infrastructure using tools and practices from software development.

These technologies have decoupled infrastructure from the underlying hardware, turning it into data and code.

Free yourself from routine tasks like setting up and updating servers. Forget about the struggle of keeping all your servers consistently configured and up to date with system patches. And start spending your time on more important projects and initiatives that will really make a difference to your organization.

Kief Morris is Cloud Practice Lead at ThoughtWorks. He works with organisations to understand how to take advantage of cloud, infrastructure automation, DevOps, and Continuous Delivery to become more effective at delivering IT services. Originally from Tennessee, Kief has been based in London since the dot-com days.

Wolf Schlegel: "Autobahn" in a cloud

Fed up with stop and go in your data center? Why not shift into overdrive and pull into the fast lane? Learn how AutoScout24 are building their Autobahn in the cloud to become the market leader in Europe's vehicle classified business.

Reinventing themselves by making a radical transition from monoliths to microservices, from .NET on Windows to Scala on Linux, from data center to AWS and from built by devs and run by ops to a devops mindset.

While the current stack keeps running, ever more microservices will go live as you listen to stories from the trenches.

Wolf is a professionally qualified software engineer with over 20 years of international consulting experience. He has worked throughout the software lifecycle as a developer, software systems architect, team lead, business analyst and enterprise IT architect delivering major software systems.

Wolf works for ThoughtWorks Germany and helps teams delivering working software. His primary professional interests are microservices, cloud, continuous delivery and devops, software architecture, agile enablement and humanitarian software.

C/Pamplona, 96 - 08018 · Barcelona