TW hosts Creative AI - the emerging role of AI in Art and Design

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Zimmerstraße 23 · Berlin

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What is creativity and why is it important? How is AI changing traditional notions of creativity in the world of Art and Design? What does it mean for the society, especially artists, designers and technologists?

Join us for our first event as we explore the evolving role of AI in creative industries.

We begin with Jo Bowey discussing creativity and its value in our daily lives. For most people, being creative is the attribute that goes at the core of what it means to be a human being. But, is this really the
case? Valerio Velardo challenges the traditional anthropocentric view, providing a broad interpretation of creativity which extends to machines and animals.

Moving from art to design, Gunnar Graupner and Dragan Filipovic showcase a machine learning prototype to automate design processes. The prototype transforms hand-crafted wireframes into web components which can be directly shown in Adobe Experience Manager as rendered HTML.

7:00pm - Doors
7:10pm - "What is creativity and Why is it important?" by Jo Bowey
7:30pm - "Beyond anthropocentric creativity" by Valerio Velardo
7:50pm - Pause
8:00pm - "Design with machine learning" by Gunnar Graupner, Dragan Filipovic, and supported by Saulo De Souza and Paulo Chang
8:45pm - Networking
9:30pm - End

Jo Bowey is a Psychology teacher from London, who recently moved to Berlin to experience life in Germany. She has completed a Masters degree in Psychoanalysis, and is on her way to qualifying as a counsellor. She has a longstanding interest in what makes a mind healthy, and believes that being creative is a part of this puzzle.

Valerio Velardo is CEO and co-founder of Melodrive, a startup company that operates in the AI music space. He has a PhD in music and AI from the University of Huddersfield, UK. Valerio has spent the last ten years teaching computers how to create music autonomously. In his
research, he has developed an AI multi-agent system that is capable of simulating a society of virtual songwriters that produce rock songs and develop their own musical style. Valerio has also studied astrophysics at degree level and, in another life, has worked as pianist, composer
and conductor.

Gunnar Graupner is a Principal UX Consultant at Netcentric. He has almost 20 years Experience as a UX Consultant, Information Architect, and Product Owner working for sectors like Telecommunication, Assurances, Banking and Automotive. He has also led up to 20 people in cross-functional product teams. Besides his daily business, he has a passion for building products that make life smarter.
Gunnar is accompanied in his talk by Dragan Filipovic (FE), and supported by Saulo De Souza (ML, BE) and Paulo Chang (BE).