TW hosts: 'Why' Technology? Emerging Interactions and Ethics

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The intersection of human needs and emerging technology has created new immersive experiences and cultural narratives. At the same time, it has sparked a widespread debate on ethics - from bias in AI algorithms to safe spaces in VR.

Join us for our second event as we explore new perspectives and narratives on emerging technology and dive deep into the ethical questions behind them.

Our first speaker, Christian Mio Loclair, invites you to an interdisciplinary and visually stunning journey to connect the impossible. From the drama of Narciss to the Taxi Drivers of New York. From Robot Dancing and Code Experiments to Cutting Edge Machine Learning ... illustrating a holistic view towards culture and technology to answer the question “WHY?“
Can AI be a generator for a sustainable and meaningful paradigm shift? Can we read information and understand knowledge, that was never made for us? Can we use emerging technologies as a mirror to human nature and how do we create accessible narrations for people to participate in cultural change and understand the future challenges of society?

Our second speaker, Mark Hurst, asks the provocative question, "Is it possible to create good technology?" With two decades of experience advising clients in a range of industries - media, healthcare, technology, financial services, ecommerce and more - on how to build better businesses by treating customers well, Mark delves into the ethical implications behind much of today's technology.

7:00pm - Doors Open / Meet and Greet
7:15pm - 'Creative Intelligence - new perspectives and experiments in emerging technology' by Christian Mio Loclair
8:05pm - Pause
8:15pm - 'Is it possible to create good technology?' by Mark Hurst
9:05pm - Networking
9:30pm - End

Christian “Mio” Loclair, creative director at Waltz Binaire, is a new media artist, computer scientist and choreographer from Berlin, Germany.

He explores the friction of nature colliding with data and digital procedures. Using cutting edge technology and artificial intelligences in interactive installations, audio-visual experiences, visual narratives and dance performances, he continuously explores the harmony and tension of the encounter of humans and machines. Mio is publishing his work on digital installations, unexpected galleries and theatre stages around the world for commercial and independent projects.

Furthermore Mio spoke about the philosophy of his work at the Palais De Nationes (United Nations), MIT (Boston), Centre Pompidou (Paris) and Frauenkirche (Dresden), among others. His work has been featured by companies such as Google, IBM, Mercedes Benz, BMW and VW and presented at museum such as Ars Electronica.

Mark Hurst is the founder and CEO of Creative Good, the New York-based consultancy and creative platform that he founded in 1997. He has spent his career writing, speaking, and advising teams about how to create better products and services.

Mark is the author of Customers Included (2015) and Bit Literacy (2007). In 2017, he ran two Skeptech events questioning today's digital technology, held at WFMU. He is the founder and host of the Gel conference, which featured the first stage presentations of Khan Academy, Wikipedia, and other world-changing projects. He is the creator of the Good Todo mobile productivity platform, the world's first cross-platform todo list. Since fall 2017 Mark has hosted Techtonic, a weekly FM radio show on WFMU.

Mark Hurst holds bachelor's and master's degrees in computer science from MIT. He's also an Eagle Scout, a patented game designer, and studies Mandarin Chinese in his spare time. He lives in New York City with his wife and son.