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Bring observability to your Microservices with Service Mesh

Microservices and containers have changed application design and deployment patterns. They’ve also brought with them some new challenges, such as service discovery, routing, failure handling, distributed tracing, circuit breaker, retry logic and visibility (monitoring) to microservices.

Kubernetes can handle multiple container-based workloads, including microservices, but when it comes to more sophisticated features like traffic management, failure handling, and resiliency, it leaves a lot to be desired. Most importantly, we want to do all this without changing the application code.

Service mesh architecture was created to handle these requirements. Istio is a service mesh created through a collaboration between IBM, Google and Lyft.

This talk will have a description about the need of a service mesh, and what Istio brings to the table. It will also have a short demonstration of Istio in Kubernetes.

Girish has over 6 years of experience as a full stack developer. He has hands-on experience in building and deploying microservices using container based solutions.
He is working for a banking client in a Devops role and using some of the latest trends in the infrastructure paradigm.