TW hosts: "Python essentials: Writing tests in Python" with Pyladies Hamburg

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ThoughtWorks is super excited to host Pyladies Hamburg for their Meetup "Python essentials: Writing tests in Python".

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Hands up if you want your code to always work as expected!

Together with good design principles, automated tests are a powerful tool that helps you to write code that’s maintainable and extendable.
When done the right way, automated tests help you to
- ensure your code works - in a more reliable and fast manner than if you were trying it out by hand
- ensure it still works after you refactor it
- come up with a more decoupled architecture for your code
- document your code so that someone (likely you) who sees code later is faster able to tell what your code does

It takes a bit of training and experience to write tests that achieve these goals. Also, tests don’t take the task of properly thinking a bit ahead as to what you want to achieve away from you. And you'll still need to learn and be able how to design your code well. But that doesn’t mean that you should postpone learning about and writing tests until you know everything - because you’ll never know everything! It’s best to start learning how to write good tests now, and expect your ability to write good tests to grow with your experience and ability to write well designed clean code.

In this meetup we’ll look at different kinds of tests for our Python applications and available libraries that are there to help us write and run these tests efficiently.
To better understand testing from a practical perspective, we’ll we'll start writing unit tests in the hands-on part.

*Thought Works hosts PyLadies Hamburg*

Bring your laptop and come prepared to learn something new and write Python code together!

Beginners: In this session there are numerous Hands-on exercises to help you.

Advanced: There are exercises for you as well. Or, do you have your own project? ... Then simply bring it along!

• Gesa and Sarah are Software Developers at ThoughtWorks and they for sure like it when their code works as expected.

• Snacks and drinks:
- Yes

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