Test-Driven Development – Why it brings me joy and how to master it!

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TDD, short for Test Driven Development, is one of the most fundamental techniques in agile software development. It’s also the most enjoyable part for Yanwei as he works and codes in ThoughtWorks delivery teams daily.

TDD instills two disciplines. Firstly, it forces you to write a failed test case before doing implementation, so that the developer can get the fastest feedback with every line of code change. Secondly, it forces you to make sure all the current test suites are green and code is refactored before adding the next failed test case. This helps to bring a step-by-step approach to producing code during the development process.

This is easier said than done.

To fully master TDD, you’ll need a lot of practice. And in real life projects, there are often practical issues and trade-offs that need to be considered when trying to apply TDD.

Yanwei will be sharing his experience of using TDD in real projects. Hopefully, after his session, you’ll also start feeling the joy of TDD in your own projects.