• Book Launch: Testing Microservices with Mountebank

    ThoughtWorks Tech Talks & Microservices NYC present... Join us for a special NYC book launch for "Testing Microservices with Mountebank," written by ThoughtWorks consultant Brandon Byars. More and more organizations are moving away from monoliths towards microservices so that they can develop in parallel. But the organizational coupling of testing, release coordination, performance testing, etc still create the same bottlenecks, impeding the ability to deliver value at speed. Resolving these coordination points requires an entire set of organizational and technical tools. Service virtualization is one such tool, embodying the shift away from coordinated end-to-end testing while enabling production releases with confidence. Testing Microservices with Mountebank introduces the powerful practice of service virtualization. In it, author Brandon Byars, Mountebank’s creator, offers unique insights into microservices application design and state-of-the-art testing practices. By mastering the powerful testing techniques in this unique book, your microservices skills will deepen and your applications will improve. For real. We'll hear from Brandon, about the book and the technology inside. To read more: https://www.thoughtworks.com/books/microservices-mountebank-brandonbyars Doors open at 6:00 p.m. Talk starts at 6:30 p.m. Light food and refreshments will be served

  • Applied security and networking best practices with Docker

    AGENDA 6:30 PM -- Doors open for refreshments and networking 7:00 - 8:00 PM -- Andrew Larsen will talk about "Applied security and networking best practices with Docker" -- Talk Description: Migrating from a traditional enterprise architecture to a container-based one can be a daunting task. There are many questions we need to start asking, particularly while working in compliance-heavy domains like healthcare. How do our apps communicate securely? How do we securely deploy our containers? In this talk we’ll compare traditional enterprise networking and security best practices with those in the container world. Then we’ll look at how we can apply these best practices in a container-based architecture. ----- Speaker Bio: Andrew Larsen is a Senior Developer at ThoughtWorks. He has spent the past four years as a software consultant in a variety of compliance-heavy domains including healthcare and banking. He has a passion for the operational aspect of software engineering with an emphasis on cloud computing and distributed systems.

  • Kubernetes: Learning from Zero to Production


    AGENDA 6:30 PM -- Doors open for refreshments and networking 7:00 - 8:00 PM -- Rosemary Wang and Abel Tamrat will talk about "Kubernetes: Learning from Zero to Production" -- Talk Description: “I have to learn Kubernetes - where do I start?” With all of the awesome community introductions to Kubernetes, it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start when faced with the reality of learning it. In this talk, we’ll take you on our journey of how and what we learned about using Kubernetes in production...in nine months. We’ll do our best to answer the questions: - What did we need to understand about the internals of Kubernetes? - What are the constructs we used the most? - What were some useful Kubernetes patterns? - What about Kubernetes security? - How did we handle cluster management? - What were some of the pitfalls we found? ----- Speaker Bios: As an explorer of infrastructure automation and enthusiast of cloud, Rosemary Wang works to bridge the technical and cultural barriers between infrastructure engineers and application developers. Whether it be helping an infrastructure engineer learn to code or an application developer troubleshoot infrastructure failures, she has a fascination for solving intractable problems with code. Rosemary interfaces with vendors, clients, startups, and open source projects to find creative software solutions for enterprise infrastructure systems. When she is not drawing on whiteboards, Rosemary valiantly attempts to reverse engineer stacks of various infrastructure systems on her laptop while foraging for tasty victuals around the world. Follow Rosemary(@joatmon08) as she records her journey via her blog (https://medium.com/@joatmon08) and speaks about her learnings. Abel Tamrat is a developer at ThoughtWorks where he works daily developing patterns to help get ideas to market more quickly. Whether he is delivering machine learning applications using continuous delivery patterns or building the delivery infrastructure itself, he enjoys creating the safe space for experimentation for clients.

  • Site Reliability Engineering: Structure & Interpretation of Graphs (by Google)

    AGENDA 6:30 PM -- Doors open for refreshments and networking 7:00 - 8:00 PM -- Wesley Aptekar-Cassels will talk about "Structure & Interpretation of Graphs" -- Talk Description: In Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), we spend so much of our lives looking at graphs and charts that it can be easy to forget why we do it - this talk will explore how graphs can both make subtle patterns clear in large amounts of data, and hide real effects. We'll look at some real graphs both from internal Google systems and from third parties, and explain how to evaluate them, what they show, and what they hide. Speaker Bio: Wesley Aptekar-Cassels is a Site Reliability Engineer at Google, working on the Dev Infrastructure team. They previously attended the Recurse Center (recurse.com) and programmed robots (citruscircuits.org). They enjoy thinking about large systems and discovering new and fascinating ways to break software. (blog.wesleyac.com).

  • Evolutionary Architectures with N26 CTO Pat Kua


    Apologies for the late notice, following the previous talk by Neal Ford and Rebecca Parson on evolutionary architecture, we think this would be interesting for this group. ***** Please Register for this talk on eventbrite not on meetup ***** https://www.eventbrite.com/e/a-discussion-on-evolutionary-architectures-with-n26-cto-pat-kua-tickets-48837186339 In our industry, one of the only guarantees is change. Many of today’s tools, technologies, and business models will soon cease to exist, only to be replaced by newer ones. Architects face the challenge of planning for today’s systems knowing that the problems of tomorrow will be completely different from the problems of today. Evolutionary architecture is an architectural approach that prioritizes change as a first principle but balances this need with delivering value early. This event is open to individuals in the tech community or anyone interested in learning more about evolutionary architectures. Pat Kua is CTO of N26 in Berlin and responsible for the firm’s engineering, security, web and platform teams. He has more than 15 years’ experience in the technology sector. Before N26 Patrick worked as a Principal Technical Consultant at ThoughtWorks, an international consulting firm and pioneer in agile software development and continuous delivery. He is also the author of three books, “The Retrospective Handbook,” “Talking with Tech Leads” and most recently, “Building Evolutionary Architectures.” He is frequently invited to keynote and speak at technology conferences and is passionate about bringing a balanced focus between people, organizations and technology. ***** Please Register for this talk on eventbrite not on meetup ***** https://www.eventbrite.com/e/a-discussion-on-evolutionary-architectures-with-n26-cto-pat-kua-tickets-48837186339

  • XConf North America

    3 Legged Dog Art & Tech Center

    ***** PLEASE REGISTER VIA WEBSITE: https://www.thoughtworks.com/xconf-na ***** What is XConf North America? XConf is the tech conference created by technologists, for technologists who care deeply about the craft of software and its ability to make the world a better place. This one-day, single-track event will host a diverse range of technology leaders, topics, and points of view. Talks are short and to the point, so we pack a ton of content into one fast-paced day! No hype. No filler. Just real tech. July 20, 2018, New York City Tickets are priced at $75, and groups of three or more will receive a 20% discount. *DO NOT RSVP on this Meetup Page Headliners: Martin Fowler, Chief Scientist & Zhamak Dehghani, Tech Principal, at ThoughtWorks Mike Roberts, co-founder of Symphonia, a serverless and cloud consultancy Joanna Parke, Chief Talent Officer at ThoughtWorks Allen Plummer, Director Platform Engineering at Sonic Drive-In & Saleem Siddiqui, Lead Developer at ThoughtWorks. XConf will explore a range of topics from Data Engineering and DevOps to Digital Platform Building and Emerging Tech (AI/VR/Blockchain). We will send agenda updates soon but here are a few talks: Security on the Edge Engineering a Design System How AI Will Change the Developer Role Managing Software Entropy Event-Driven Architectures with Serverless Real Time Everything Developer Experience in the Enterprise Infrastructure Pipelines for Resilient Platforms Security from Day 1 Platform thinking beyond Cross-Functional teams ...and others! Featuring special performances by: Dual Brains, an OpenBCI real-time EEG brain data-driven performance that visualizes the neuro-social interaction between two people while they focus their minds on emotionally charged memories. Karen Palmer, immersive filmmaker, TEDx storyteller, and ThoughtWorks artist-in-residence. Experience ‘RIOT’ firsthand, an emotionally responsive, live-action film, which uses AI and Machine Learning through facial recognition to allow viewers to navigate through a dangerous riot in progress. Bonus: All proceeds from XConf ticket sales benefit our non-profit partners The Nano Hacker Academy and i am the CODE. Lunch will be provided. Bar opens at 5 pm.

  • XConf Preview: Engineering a design system


    As a preview to our upcoming XConf NA (https://bit.ly/2y0aUjC), we are giving you a preview of one of our speakers Ryan Oglesby! AGENDA 6:30 PM -- Doors open for refreshments and networking 7:00 - 8:00 PM -- Ryan Oglesby will talk about "Engineering a design system" -- Talk Description: Come on a tour through the engineering of the React-powered design system developed over the past year with our client TELUS Digital. We'll examine technologies such as CSS Modules, modern JavaScript testing practices, architectural decisions, and strategies for scaling to hundreds of users. While plenty is said about design system theory - getting buy in, team structure, visual design - you won’t get very far without solid engineering practices, sound architecture, and the right technologies. But there is a lack of available material about the unique technical challenges of design systems, especially with modern technologies such as React. This talk digs into the technical details of building a design system, including specific front end technologies and how we put them to use. Whether your company has a design system or not, you can immediately apply or adapt some of the learnings and technologies to your own work. Speaker Bio: Ryan Oglesby is a Software Consultant at ThoughtWorks, where he has spent the last 6 years working in a variety of domains, technologies, and teams. He enjoys tackling the often innocent-looking, yet usually complex challenges of front-end design, architecture, and development. Over the past year he has led the strategy and development of the Design System at a large telecommunications company.

  • XConf Preview: Mobile apps, chatbots, IOT and how architecture is evolving

    As a preview to our upcoming XConf NA (https://bit.ly/2y0aUjC), we are giving you a preview of one of our speakers Xianning Liu! AGENDA 6:30 PM -- Doors open for refreshments and networking 7:00 - 8:00 PM -- Xianning Liu will talk about "Mobile apps, chatbots, IOT and how architecture is evolving" -- Talk Description: As developers we built apps for Windows Desktops in the 1980's, then web apps for browsers in the 2000's, and then in 2008 we started building mobile apps for iOS & Android. Now we are building skillsets for Amazon Alexa and Google Home, and building chatbots for Facebook Messenger. Everything changes so fast, we are always learning new things, however the core values as a technologist never change: To build systems which can help users connect with the services they want more and more easily. In this session we will walk through the the user-interaction paradigm shift in the industry, looking at the new platforms born from these shifts, and how enterprises can evolve their architecture to support these changes and build the capabilities they need to stay on the cutting edge. Speaker Bio: Xianning is a Software Engineer at ThoughtWorks. He has spent the last 6 years at ThoughtWorks, working with various clients across domains including Airline, Telecom, Fin-tech, and leading teams of different sizes to achieve fast and high quality delivery. Recently he is focusing on scaling mobile delivery & the architecture evolving beyond the mobile era. Besides that Xianning is also a tech evangelist, tech writer & conference speaker who has presented in various conferences such as China Continuous Delivery, Tech Radar Summit etc.

  • Building Evolutionary Architectures


    AGENDA 5:30 PM -- Doors open for refreshments and networking 6:00 - 8:00 PM -- Neal Ford and Rebecca Parsons talk about "Building Evolutionary Architectures" -- Talk Description: The software development ecosystem is constantly changing, providing a constant stream of new tools, frameworks, techniques, and paradigms. Over the past few years, incremental developments in core engineering practices for software development have created the foundations for rethinking how architecture changes over time, along with ways to protect important architectural characteristics as it evolves. 'Building Evolutionary Architectures' is a practical guide that ties those parts together with a new way to think about architecture and time. Join Neal Ford and Rebecca Parsons for a reception with drinks and bites starting at 5:30pm — with their talk kicking off at 6:00pm — as they give an overview of these concepts, and talk about co-authoring the newest edition on this topic for O'Reilly's library of essential reads on software. Speaker Bios: Neal Ford is a Director, Software Architect, and Meme Wrangler at ThoughtWorks. He is also the designer and developer of applications, articles, video presentations, and author of an increasingly large number of books spanning a variety of subjects and technologies. His professional focus includes designing and building of large-scale enterprise applications. Dr. Rebecca Parsons is ThoughtWorks’ Chief Technology Officer with decades-long applications development experience across a range of industries and systems. Her technical experience includes leading the creation of large-scale distributed object applications and the integration of disparate systems. Separate from her passion for deep technology, Dr. Parsons is a strong advocate for diversity in the technology industry. Committed to increasing the number of women in coding and STEM fields, Dr. Parsons served on the board of CodeChix and acted as an advisor to Women Who Code.

  • Confronting Diversity: Grab Your Bias by the Roots

    AGENDA 6:30 PM -- Doors open for refreshments and networking 7:00 - 8:00 PM -- Yewande Ige will talk about "Confronting Diversity" -- Talk Description At ThoughtWorks women hold 60% of entry technical positions and 30% of Senior technical positions. Hear the ThoughtWorks stories and journey will inspire some new thinking and show what is possible when you focus on advancing diversity. Speaker Bio: Yewande Ige has spent the last 13 years as a Recruiter helping the world’s leading banks, retailers, telcos, and media companies invent a new future and bring it to life with technology. She joined ThoughtWorks as a recruiter in London then moved to the US to drive a shift towards more strategic focus. Today, she is the Global Recruitment Strategist for ThoughtWorks working with the strategic capabilities team to envision how technology will make clients great in the future, and building the talent force to make it happen.