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*** Temporarily all of our meetups will be held online. For this purpose, we are using Zoom as a provider. For more information on how to join our remote meetups, please see the individual event pages. ***

ThoughtWorks is a software consultancy - and a community of passionate, purpose-led individuals. We have one mission: We think disruptively to deliver technology to address our clients' toughest challenges, all while seeking to revolutionize the IT industry and create positive social change.

We are intentional about making technology a better place for all. ThoughtWorkers are encouraged to stand up, speak up, and advocate for who and what they believe in. We host events and talks tackling intersectionality, discrimination and bias in tech because we believe conversations create understanding and diversity in organizations and thinking.

Here you are free to learn and to share on any platform. Free to feel safe in your own skin. Free to follow your latest curiosity to an unknown place. Free to challenge ideas, assumptions, and solutions - no matter who they belong to (respectfully). Free to experiment and recommend the right tech without bias. Free to change career paths. Free to make technology a better place for all.

We like to share our knowledge and would like to invite you to become part of this meetup group to stay up to date with our latest events - you don't have to be a ThoughtWorker to join this community :)

Our venue in Cologne is a barrier free non-smoking area. Unfortunately, the toilets are not wheelchair accessible.

Code of Conduct:

tl;dr: Be excellent to each other

A primary goal of ThoughtWorks’ events is to be inclusive to a diverse group of people from all walks of life. Therefore, we are dedicated to providing a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, appearance, disability, marital status, socioeconomic status, and religion (or lack thereof).

Our code of conduct outlines our expectations for all those who participate in our events, as well as the consequences for unacceptable behaviour. Find our Code of Conduct here: https://www.thoughtworks.com/code-of-conduct-germany


*** Vorübergehend werden unsere Meetups online stattfinden. Zu diesem Zweck nutzen wir Zoom als Anbieter. Weitere Informationen über die Teilnahme an unseren Meetups findest du unter den einzelnen Events.***

ThoughtWorks ist eine Software Beratung – und eine Gemeinschaft von engagierten, zielorientierten Menschen.
Wir wollen die Technologiebranche zu einem besseren Ort für alle machen. Wir ermutigen ThoughtWorkerInnen, aufzustehen, sich frei zu äußern und dafür einzutreten, an wen und an was sie glauben. Wir veranstalten Events und Vorträge zu Themen wie z.B. Diskriminierung oder Vorurteile in der Technologiebranche, weil wir glauben, dass Konversation Verständnis und Vielfalt schafft.

Als ThoughtWorkerIn hast du die Freiheit, auf allen möglichen Wegen und Plattformen zu lernen und das Gelernte mit anderen zu teilen. Du bist frei, du selbst zu sein. Frei, den Themen, die dich begeistern, zu folgen und unbekannte Bereiche oder Tech Stacks zu erkunden. Frei, Ideen, Annahmen und Lösungen in Frage zu stellen – egal zu wem sie gehören. Frei, zu experimentieren. Frei, deinen Weg zu ändern. Frei, die Welt durch Technologie zu einem besseren Ort zu machen.

Wir konzentrieren uns auf die Weiterentwicklung der ganzen Software-Branche. Und wir finden, Wissen sollte man teilen.

Werde Teil unserer Meetup Gruppe und bleibe auf dem Laufenden über unsere aktuelle Events - du musst kein ThoughtWorkerIn sein, um Teil dieser Gemeinschaft zu sein :)

Unser Veranstaltungsort in Köln ist eine barrierefreie Nichtraucherzone. Leider sind die Toiletten nicht mit Rollstühlen zugänglich.

Code of Conduct:

tl;dr: Seid ausgezeichnet zueinander

Eines unserer Hauptziele bei Veranstaltungen mit und von ThoughtWorks ist es, einen sicheren Raum für alle Teilnehmer zu schaffen. Deshalb sind wir bestrebt, ein freundliches, sicheres, inklusives und einladendes Umfeld zu kreieren - unabhängig von ethnischer Zugehörigkeit, Nationalität, sexueller Orientierung, Geschlechtsidentität, Alter, Aussehen, Familienstand, Sozioökonomischem Status und Religionszugehörigkeit (oder keiner Zugehörigkeit).

Unser Verhaltenskodex (Code of Conduct) beschreibt unsere Erwartungen an alle, die unsere Räumlichkeiten nutzen und/oder an unseren Veranstaltungen teilnehmen, sowie die Folgen bei inakzeptablem Verhalten. Erfahre hier mehr: https://www.thoughtworks.com/de/code-of-conduct-germany

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BEYOND THE STATUS QUO #3: Empowering diversity and inclusion in the workplace

BEYOND THE STATUS QUO #3 Empowering diversity and inclusion in the workplace "Help your organization to be LGBT+ inclusive. What can be done next?" with Miquel Reverté & "The biggest thing I’ve learnt from 20 years in technology. TLDR; Inclusive Teams Deliver." with Dr J Harrison ABOUT THE TALKS Help your organization to be LGBT+ inclusive. What can be done next with Miquel Reverté Most of the organizations want to do good with Inclusion as a goal, but most of the times they don't even know where to start. Help your organization to identify in which stage is on LGBTQIA+ inclusion and which following steps can be taken to make it even better. The biggest thing I’ve learnt from 20 years in technology. TLDR; Inclusive Teams Deliver with Dr J Harrison It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that agile teams produce better outcomes. But is that really as true as we think? Is it working to an agile format, or something else that makes these teams really work. When we look back over almost 20 years since the Agile Manifesto was launched, how it changed, and is the way forward about what we do, how our teams look or how we think? Presenting a way forward, intertwined with the Agile Manifesto, we give a vision for the future that builds on what the best teams already do - but often do unknowingly. By making this conscious and thoughtful - we can have huge impacts. OUR SPEAKERS Miquel Reverté Lead Office Operations, ThoughtWorks ES Miquel is currently leading ThoughtWorks' office operations from Spain, and collaborating on a remarkable Employee Experience where Diversity plays a key element by mixing his background in Marketing, Polítics, and Social Change. During his time at ThoughtWorks, Miquel has promoted the creation of an alliance for LGBTQIA+ employees, worked alongside Barcelona's city hall to develop corporate policies and programs and lead the growth of the local LGBT+ in Tech Meetup community, with the ultimate focus of ensuring diverse and safe spaces for the LGBT+ community and, therefore, all matters of Diversity. Dr J Harrison Lead Business Analyst, ThoughtWorks UK Out as Non-Binary GenderQueer for over 10 years, Dr J has been bringing queer theory (with a slice of humour) into the tech space, building on ThoughtWorks' dedication to inclusivity and intersectionality. Dr J takes a strategic view of cultural change in Technology through a few lenses, notably queer theory. This combines well with their years of experience using agile processes to build software and a talent for really understanding clients - looking at the problems they are solving and how to make great teams to deliver real value. Their passion? How you can do things better with just simple changes - bringing their Service Design thinking into both the Technology and the Diversity and Inclusion spaces. Troublemaker. #queernuisance _____________________________________________________________________________________ ABOUT OUR EVENT SERIES BEYOND THE STATUS QUO - Empowering diversity and inclusion in the workplace Diversity and inclusion have become buzzwords, especially in the tech industry over the past years, but what do they mean? How can we shape a diverse and inclusive environment at our workplace? And how does it feel to work in a diverse environment? With this event series, our passionate colleagues share their experience and learnings from building more inclusive places to workplaces from around the globe. ThoughtWorks is a leading global IT-consultancy and a community of passionate, purpose-led individuals. Our mission is to create an extraordinary impact on the world through our culture and technology excellence. Find more info about our Talk series here: https://thght.works/2ST69zU _____________________ Temporarily all of our meetups will be held online. We are using Zoom as a provider. For video instructions on how to join with Zoom, visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=vFhAEoCF7jg&feature=emb_logo

TW presents: Agile Threat Modelling

Online event

INTRO: Threat modelling aims at designing secure systems by identifying security threats and evaluating mitigations on a risk-based approach [1]. Traditionally, threat modelling was conducted as part of a complex upfront analysis of the software architecture. With software engineering teams moving to a more agile way of working, the need to integrate security best practices into agile development is increasing. Agile Threat Modelling offers a way for agile Software Engineering teams to mitigate security risks based on real threats in their system at the time of development. ABOUT THE TALK: This meetup will walk you through an Agile Threat Modelling Workshop by using a hands-on example. You will learn how to conduct an Agile Threat Modelling Workshop and how to implement security best practises into your agile way of working. Outcome for the participants will be a set of methods to start running their own Agile Threat Modelling sessions in their teams. We believe that Security is the responsibility of every member in the team ranging from Business Analysts to Experience Designer to Developers and Leads, we therefore also encourage people from non-technical roles to attend. [1] https://martinfowler.com/articles/agile-threat-modelling.html ABOUT THE SPEAKERS: Katharina Dankert is a problem solver, with a background in systems engineering and opinions on security. She works for TW as an infrastructure developer and security expert. She is currently leading platform level security thinking for cloud based infrastructure at a large German manufacturer. She started work in the tech domain believing that working with computers would mean being able to work less with humans. She has learned sometimes somewhat to her chagrin, that human interactions create more complexity and interesting risks than even the most intricate of technical systems. Jennifer Parak currently works as a Software Developer at ThoughtWorks. Having started her career working with Microservices in a Java/Spring Boot environment, she recently found herself working with smart ecosystems and developed a great passion for it. She discovered her excitement about Security on writing her Masters thesis where she developed a Convolutional Neural Network to create a POC for Cracking visual captchas. As Security Champion in her team and facilitator of the Security Guild, she is now able to put her passion into practise by advocating for a shift-left Security approach. Michael Lihs currently works as a Infrastructure Consultant at ThoughtWorks. Coming from a larger enterprise, where security was usually left to a “team of specialists”, he quickly learned to embrace Agile Threat Modelling as a technique to shift left on security. He strongly believes that security is everyone’s responsibility and that everyone in the software development process should be involved. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Temporarily all of our meetups will be held online. We are using Zoom as a provider. For video instructions on how to join with Zoom, visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=vFhAEoCF7jg&feature=emb_logo

TW hosts: Forget about lorem ipsum and listen to your users

Since the Meetup page was unfortunately not available on the actual event date (Nov. 25th) and people could not dial in, we are postponing the event to Dec. 9th. Thanks! _____ ABOUT THE TALK: Copy testing and the prototype ideation: forget about lorem ipsum and start listening to your users From the first CTA to the last letter in T&Cs, words fill your product with meaning. Words help users achieve their dreams and give them comfort. It's time to take care of those words. In this presentation, Natalya will talk about: - how you can speak your users' language from the very beginning and why you should do it - how to explore the vocabulary of your key audience - how to test your copy with or without users - what is pair writing and why it's awesome ABOUT OUR SPEAKER: Natalya Sarana, UX Researcher, and UX Writer @Flixbus: "I studied and worked as a journalist before I got my PhD in 19th century Russian Literature. I then decided to job out to become a UX Researcher. From conversations with my colleagues and UX community events, I got to know and practice UX Writing. I keep exploring this field and applying UX best practices and research methods to my UX Writing work." ___________________________________________________________________________________ This event is presented by our friends from the Product Prototyping Meetup group. Check out their Meetup page for more info: https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/product-prototyping ThoughtWorks will be the technical host for the talk. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Temporarily all of our meetups will be held online. We are using Zoom as a provider. For video instructions on how to join with Zoom, visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=vFhAEoCF7jg&feature=emb_logo

Refugee activism from a feminist perspective with Women in Exile

Migration & Identity - Conversations through experience with Women in Exile THE TALK Refugee activism from a feminist perspective While migrating we expected to have freedom of choice to live in dignity, but contrary to our expectation we are facing dilemma. We are confronted with feeling not being accepted due to isolation and discrimination. In such a situation empowerment is very important and that is why Women In Exile was founded 2002 in Brandenburg. Our main goal is to bring refugee policy demands to the public. We are coming from a Feminist perspective and we want to build a just society without exclusion and with equal rights for all people no matter where they come from and where they are going. In this session we are going to talk about how refugee women navigate through the system in self organised groups with coordination of other networks, thereby making sure the choice of adapting to a culture and integration as well as retaining our own identities is happening based on free will - not as a compromise. __________ THE SPEAKERS Jane, a kenyan born, is a community developer and social worker by profession. She migrated to Germany in 2015 and works with a non governmental organisation. She is an activist who believes in social change and the development process of the marginalised and excluded women from the society, enabling them to gain self confidence. Grace comes from Kenya and is currently in her tourism industry studies. Being a feminst activist is a part of her. Fighting for women rights is a passion that drives her because she sees and feels the gap between women living in this society. Find more information about Women in Exile here: https//women-in-exile.net/ __________ ABOUT THE MIGRATION & IDENTITY SERIES As a company, ThoughtWorks not only bases its success on its diverse workforce, but also we are committed to becoming aware of our own privilege and striving to see the world from the perspective of the oppressed, the powerless, and the invisible. With this event series, we want to raise awareness, help to decrease discrimination, and to sensitize people without migration backgrounds to the challenges faced by people with migration backgrounds here in Germany. Find more information about our event series and recordings from our past events here: https://www.thoughtworks.com/migration-identity-germany Note: This event will be held online using Zoom.

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