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Thoughtapy Systems is the best kept secret in the southeast Michigan. Under the leadership of the renowned Dr. Vincent, who has a following from cities across America and overseas. Thoughtapy (thought therapy) systems are a revolutionary collection of techniques that empower people to heal themselves through their own thoughts. This may seem unreal, but 100 years from now it could become commonplace, so be on the leading edge of science and consciousness as it evolves. After all, take a look at how long people are living nowdays and how Medical knowledge has grown exponentially in just the last 30 years compared to all of history. With all of these remarkable advances in understanding of the human body, it stands to reason that our last frontier now shall be more study of the human brain and utilizing the other 90% of our brain that we now don’t use. Imagine what it is capable of?!

Thoughtapy systems blends knowledge from ancient healing systems of Indian Ayurveda and Chinese Acupuncture (conducted in a non-invasive way), with leading-edge Bioenergetic Psychology, and a few insights from chiropractic and physical therapies thrown in for good measure. You can use these systems for yourself and your family, without having to be a certified practitioner. Imagine the aggravation, time, and money you could save if you could learn to be your own healer.

The Thoughtapy systems’ wholistic approach considers all aspects of life experience: emotional, physical and environmental. Instead of focusing on a symptom, learn to target the root cause of illness by addressing the whole person and their story. Ultimately, the body-mind knows best how to heal itself so any interference by way of treating symptoms is only a compromise, for the real power of lasting healing lies innately within your own body. It’s time to reset your body's natural healing abilities, to use the remarkable innate healthcare that our creator initially designed us with.

Periodic FREE presentations demonstrate that the Thoughtapy techniques work to relieve pain and ailments by acknowledging the thoughts and emotions that cause them. Thoughts are vibrations and energy. Learn to improve and manage your health by yourself. Energy healers may also be interested in learning this.

FYI, most of our meetups to date have been in Southfield, Detroit, and Flint... but we are open to suggestions.

Responsibilities of Membership: By joining our meetup group you accept full Responsibility for your own actions, or lack of actions, as the case may be. We reserve the right to decline or remove anyone from membership for any reason. We are a public outreach meetup related to healthcare self-reliance. It is up to each of us as responsible self-reliant adults to encourage and help each other build our community. The meetups are intended to learn new skills, or brush up on old ones. Disclaimers: Each member assumes full responsibility for deciding if each skill presenter or member meets their own standards of people they deem fit to teach them the skills. All meetups posted are for educational and skill building purposes only. The techniques presented or practiced have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The organizer of this meetup is a passionate student of Dr. Vincent's. The organizer pays meetup $180 yearly from her own pocket and she plans to continue to do so as long as it is appreciated. Contributions are gratefully accepted though not expected. Questions? call Chriss at 248 330-6428/cell

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