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Data and artificial intelligence are increasingly crucial for transforming organisations. What if machine intelligence empowers your organisation to think, act, innovate, and work differently?
YottabyteX is a platform to discuss all there is to Data! This is a forum where the data community can gather, share and discuss their practices and experiences.

Theme: Changing paradigms of Data - Disruptions and Challenges

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Detailed Agenda:

11-11:15 AM *Keynote*
By: Kamal Kishore (Data Practice Head - ThoughtWorks)

11:15-12 PM *Leading indicators of success through north star KPIs*
By: Smitha Ganesh (Principal Data Scientist - ThoughtWorks)
On our engagement with one of the world’s largest event organisers, we found success in implementing “Lean Analytics Cycle” -: Metrics  Hypothesis  Experiment  Action, to strategise business wins & create a sustainable way to pick metrics that matter.This talk would walk you through this real world case study to help you in understanding the entire cycle in action.

12-12:15 PM *Tea Break*

12:15-1 PM *Scaling Patterns for Real-time Streaming App*
By: Shakti Garg (Lead Data Engineer - ThoughtWorks), Lalit Pandey (Developer -ThoughtWorks)
This talk is about our experiments and learnings on the way to create scalable streaming architectures. Some of them derive from the understanding of business domain while others on the understanding of streaming and engineering internals.

1-1:45 PM *Observability at Scale in Real time*
By: Balvinder Khurana (Lead Data Engineer -ThoughtWorks), Sarang Vinayak Shinde (Senior Data Engineer - ThoughtWorks)
This talk will explore how a universal dashboard can be created which can enable multiple stakeholders like business, developers etc. to explore, validate and control the platform behaviour. We will discuss how to achieve this kind of fine-grained observability with various latency requirements and what are the possible storage patterns for this use case.

1:45-2:30 PM *Lunch*

2:30-3:15 PM *Achieving human level accuracy through Deep NLP*
By: Anirudh Gupta (Data Scientist - ThoughtWorks)
This talk walks through all the recent breakthroughs in the deep NLP space and also talk about neural machine translation for a language pair in which we obtained SOTA results by using the most recent developments in the field.

3:15-4 PM *Achieving Data Democratization*
By: Krishna Meduri (Lead Data Engineer - ThoughtWorks), Bharat Akkinepalli (Lead Developer - ThoughtWorks)
This talk explores ideas & characteristics of what "Data Democracy" is and how do we attempt to achieve it. We touch upon certain tools that help enterprises become "Data driven".

4 PM *Networking and Tea*