What is your leadership style – what works and what doesn't?

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In July, we'll be exploring leaderships styles.

For example, you may like to consider;

• Are you aware of what leadership style you adopt, and have you checked that those around you agree?

• Do you believe that there are good and bad leadership styles, and what are these?

• How do you play to your strengths?

• How do you overcome and mitigate your weaknesses?

• How might you augment your strengths amongst your management team?

• How do you respond to different personalities / attitudes amongst your staff?

• How will you identify personal development areas, as the business evolves?

Looking forward to hearing what comes out of the discussion.

By attending you can pool and explore specific issues that you face within your own operation or industry domain, drawing on the shared experiences of others.

We meet from 1800hrs, ready for an 1830 start.

See you at this or a future Threads event very soon.

With thanks,

Andrew, Peter and Rory