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Are you a romance novel addict? Have you started writing your own novel? Or perhaps you're thinking that you'd like to start? This group is a monthly, two-hour workshop on writing emotionally satisfying romance novels—from prose to plot. No matter your favourite romance subgenre, seasoned contemporary, urban fantasy, historical—all are welcome!

Each month, we’ll study a different romance novel and examine its plot structure and character development. We’ll follow up with a short discussion on the craft of creative writing, such as point of view, or setting up a scene, or specific romance plot points like the romantic black moment. We’ll chat about ongoing works, offer friendly feedback as a group, and encourage and inspire each other to keep going.

What makes me qualified to run such a workshop? As an indie-romance editor, I have closely studied the different subgenres of romance—its many tropes, norms, and rules—to be the expert my indie-romance authors need me to be. I have an MFA in creative writing and I have spent seven years in the classroom as a teacher. In addition to this, I am a contributor to Blush, a romance ezine out of Australia, which forces me to keep current on all the latest romance trends.

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CANCELED! First romance book club and workshop meeting--reboot.

Sorry! I have a last minute flight to Chicago to deal with a family emergency and can no longer host this event. Sadly no one is available to replace me so we'll just have to try again next month.

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First romance book club and workshop meeting!

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