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This is Thrive Singapore.

This group has been established exclusively for career women across all industries, whether they work in government, the private sector or non-profit. The aim is to provide a regular meeting space for women to network, learn, mentor and support one another in their ventures. We typically get together over cocktails and light bites.

This is an invitation-only group and may include people with many different competencies and talent such as HR, leadership, coaching, finance, sales, legal, marketing, entrepreneurship and much more. We welcome women aged 30 and above.

Joining the meetup does not cost anything and incidentally, the meetup is not a for-profit initiative. The registration fee charged goes towards the expenses of managing this meetup and the catering costs of each meetup.

As meetups are announced, you have the ability to choose which meetups you would like to join. You are required to RSVP for each meetup because each meetup is capped at 14 pax to keep the quality of interaction high. If you're interested to join, please complete the profile questions and request to join.

Rowena Morais
Curated Learning, Communication, Content | TEDx Speaker | Editor & Writer | LinkedIn Profile Writer

Sonia ElKha
Director, Intuit Research


1. You need first create an account for yourself on the platform. You can social sign in as its quicker also.

2. Then, you look for and join this meetup which is called Thrive Singapore.

3. Please take note that the mobile experience of registration etc is significantly limited compared to desktop so when signing up, please use your desktop/laptop instead.


4. You are only able to RSVP to a given meetup after it has been announced and if you are a current member. As a member, you will receive notifications of upcoming meetups.

5. Please only RSVP to the meetup when you are 100% sure you are attending. Every RSVP must be accompanied by payment at the time of RSVP. If you do not secure your RSVP with payment, the seat will be released for others to attend. We are very strict on this as we've had a few occasions already of very late cancellations as well as no-shows which have not only resulted in unnecessary costs being incurred but also, it has prevented others from attending due to the RSVP maxed out.

Sometimes, unfortunate circumstances happen in which case a speaker may cancel or an event may not be able to run. We will always endeavour to update you as soon as any changes happen so you have all the information available to decide on your next steps.


1. Let's keep it simple. We are here to support and encourage and share ideas. All feedback is treated confidentially - what is shared in the group stays in the group. If we treat each other as we expect to be treated, all will be ok.

2. This is meant to be a safe environment to share and discuss.

3. Everyone respects every person's time. As such, we are not here to sell our products, services or push any agenda. So this is an expectation we have of all members.

4. Members who do not have an appreciation of these rules will be asked to leave.

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