Thrive Workshops for Women - Conscious Choice


Price: CA$27.00 /per person
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"We are both burdened and blessed by the great responsibility of free will – the power of choice. Our future and destiny is determined, in large part, by the choices we make now. We cannot always control our circumstances, but we can and do choose our response to whatever arise. Reclaiming the power of choice, we find the courage to live fully in the world. You can make choices through your heart and intuitive wisdom, or through fears, reactions and habits." - Dan Millman

In this workshop we will work on what it means to CHOOSE OUR LIFE. We will discover tools that aid us in doing so and connect with other women to empower conscious choice in their lives and the lives of those around them.

Conscious choice is going beyond just accepting what is our life but choosing it, choosing everything.
In order to live the life you want you must choose and you must know that you are choosing.
We have choice to be intentional and proactive rather than habitual or reactive.
Fulfilling choice has to be resonant.
Circumstances may not be, but your perspective is always a choice.
It is understanding that not choosing is also a choice.

Thrive Workshops for Women - Red Deer is a safe and confidential space for women wanting to create a community of the link-minded. It is for women who want to explore deeper levels in themselves and support the women around them to do the same. Really, these workshops are about love and how to have more of it in all areas of your life, 1 topic and workshop at a time. It is with great honour that I get to facilitate this kind of learning for women in our community. What we want is more for ourselves, our families and our community. With new tools, clear intentions and open minds, we are being the changes we want to see in the world.

Join me, professional coach, Emily Leeb on Tuesday July, 2016 at the Central Alberta Training Zone from 7:30pm-9:00pm.

Cost is $27 and can be paid in advance by etransfer to lovelivinglife at gmail dot com or by cash or cheque on the night of the event.

Please reach out for more information and I'm here if you have any questions, about anything. Please check out for more info about my coaching practice here in Red Deer.