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Hello badass :-D

Is there a part of your life that mental illness got it’s claws into and won’t let go?

Are you ambitious, epically determined about “improving yourself”, but this mysterious “mental illness” has you stuck in the mud, through no fault of your own?!

We believe that people with a mental illness diagnosis are misunderstood and totally underestimated. ;-)

Because it’s the meaning society puts on mental illness that’s the problem.

We don’t believe you need fixing. We believe your mental illness is there for a reason. And once you find your unique plan for life and get clarity about whats going on, maybe, just maybe, you can thrive. Time to rediscover your confidence, and who you truly are :)

This is a community for like-minded people, who have experiences of mental health challenges, but who are on a messy, beautiful, unique journey to achieve incredible things! Time to boss that mental illness and take back charge of life. Let's do it together!!

And sometimes, for some people, thriving IS surviving.


• Rediscover your inner confidence and become the leading man/ lady of your life again

• Exchange ideas around how to thrive with mental health challenges- sometimes collaborate creativity can have power over seemingly impossible problems

• Group Coaching to start to set effective goals NOW, and not wait until mental illness goes away. It may just help!

• Fall back in love with your emotions and yourself, and explore mental illness’ important role in your life

• Come be human, have a rant when life gets tough, be real, then start developing real solutions.

The outcome of success is only 2% of our life. The journey to achievement is 98%.* What you are really looking for, is to enjoy the journey.

*not real statistics ;)

Note: this is a coaching/ support/ community group. We do not offer "medical alternatives", and sometimes old school psychotherapy works wonders. Always seek advice from a doctor when appropriate- medical advice complements what we do awesomely. :) We are neutral to all tools that help you be you, as long as you are empowered with information and choice. This includes medication- we are strictly pro-personal choice here :)

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