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Thrive! Arundel - Business Development Group
Discover the difference between handing out business cards and developing a strong referral network! If you are interested in generating more business in the Anne Arundel County area, you must attend an upcoming event! Each meeting features a guest speaker, peer presentation, and educational discussion. THRIVE! Is a community of like-minded professionals who are seeking to build their business and develop a strong network of warm lead referrals. Industry exclusivity provides members the opportunity to serve as the expert in their field, for our community. The group strikes a perfect balance between the time commitment (every other week) and the goal of building business. Come join us and see what we're all about!

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Thrive! Business Communities is a community of local professionals that are dedicated to building their business through a strong referral network and supporting the communities in which we live and work. Discover the difference between handing out business cards and developing a strong referral network!

We pride ourselves on our unique culture and our ability to strike a balance between the time commitment required to build a community of this type and the importance of networking and referrals.
Thrive! also offers workshops and business groups that are focused on professional development and education. Attend an upcoming event to see what we're all about! You will see the difference in THRIVE! Business Communities.

Each meeting features a guest speaker, a peer presentation, and an educational discussion.


Thrive! members value their time and are dedicated to building a network where business gets done! Different than a casual networking group, Thrive! members are focused on building their own business while striving to help other members build their business as well. This means more than just handing out business cards. By investing in and building this strong referral network, members expand their sphere of influence and depth of resources.

Culture: It’s hard to describe culture, but whether it’s good or bad, you often know it when you see it! Thrive! Business Communities focus on creating a culture where like-minded professionals truly believe that if we can help each other grow our businesses, the returns will be ten-fold. This approach is unique and not for everyone, which is why all prospective members are interviewed and selected to ensure the best fit for the member and the group.

Quality vs. Quantity: Our group leaders are not paid or incented to recruit members, unlike many referral groups whose chairs/leaders are paid to drive candidates to join. Our leaders pay dues just like everyone else! This is important because it means our leaders are dedicated to finding quality members, as opposed to fulfilling a quota of new heads per month, like many other referral groups.

Industry Exclusive: Allows each member of our community to serve as the expert in their field and be the referral go-to for their industry.

Size Matters: Our groups are designed to be relatively small and intimate so you won't get lost in a swirling mass of people simply exchanging business cards.

Growth & Development: We provide educational resources and activities to help our members grow personally and professionally.

Not Just Networking: Our groups host a number of events throughout the year designed to help members get to know each other on a much more personal level in a relaxed and fun environment.

Charity: We recognize the value of giving back and support a variety of charitable organizations, throughout the year, in our local community.

Meetings are for members and their guests only. Guests (in non-competing industries) may attend up to 2 meetings, by invitation only.

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