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Mindfulness, meditation and a new perspective on life are great ways to develop incredible relationships with others and of course within yourself - regaining your personal power, balance and wellbeing is what this group is all about.
We meet up in different ways to enable you to choose what is most comfortable for your needs and your learning. We meet up to practice meditation for general purpose and also specifically for anxiety, we do mindfulness training and we do mind, body and soul wellness coaching to develop wellbeing and better life balance. We also run discussion groups to talk about how life really is, not what conditioning tells us! And sometimes we run really fascinating public talks.
This group was created by ART AND LIVING with Nancy Barclay. Nancy is an experienced Mind Coach and Artist, working with people in many incredible ways to develop clarity and understanding of self and of purpose. Nancy and her team show the way to more helpful perspective of your world and riding the challenges that come your way with a new ease and flow.
We hope this group enables you to get more involved with things that interest you about your life and brings out questions you have as well as important points that you would like to raise - that need discussing. It can be radical at times, but also hugely rewarding and we rarely disappoint.
It's all totally non religious or denominational, it's just people meeting like-minded people in the best possible way.
I encourage you to jump on in to anything that sounds interesting and just turn up! It's the best way to make a difference in YOUR life.
See you soon.This meet up is all about relationships and improving them.
All relationships bring us challenges and when we are open to new ways of thinking we see how our beliefs, patterns of behaviour and habits of thought have kept us stuck.
This meet up is not just for couples, but friends, siblings, parents and teens. We don't even need the other half of your relationship, we just need you.

If you are looking for new ways to improve your relationship, this group is for you.
Just come along and meet up.

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