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Thriving Lives Communities (TLC) is a not for profit, local community based, wellness resource for healthy human connection. We use the term THRIVERS to describe those of us who are looking for opportunities to receive or create resources for support, growth and evolution in connection with other Thrivers.

Who is a Thriver? It is a person who has made the mindful decision to live in healthy self-fulfillment in concert with other fulfillment, and community development.

Is there anything more important than healthy human connection? Finding healthy community experiences that resonate with their personal journey to healthy living can be challenging especially as we move into this age of overwork, over-commitment, over “social networking” and screen time replacing actual intimacy.

The intent of TLC is to create a local community of resources that would serve diverse populations by encouraging the proven health strengthening activities of BOTH giving and receiving This could be being a member of some groups and/or an influencer of local groups such as Thriving Men, Thriving Women, Thriving Families, Thriving Recover’s, Thriving Mid-Lifer’s, Thriving LBGTQer’s, Thriving 30’s, Etc.,

Who is an Influencer? It is any person, group or organization that would like to offer energy to proliferate resources for community development around health and wellness. This could be something as simple as a support coffee, or community hike, or as complex as a health fair. No energy is too little or too great. Every gathering of more than 1 that connects us in the intent of health, is a thriving connection.

If any of the above resonates as your truth please join us and other thrivers, let us know what you need and want, and together we will proliferate health and well-being through community connections. We all have experience, strength and hope to offer and many of us have a need to receive health and well-being, and just need an avenue to do so.

Feedback and participation from you would be extremely helpful. 1. Anyone interested in participating in or creating a healthy gathering? 2. Anyone interested volunteering to be a part of the organizational structure to help with the creation of our community?

Any feedback, concerns, needs, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Be Well and Connected,

Bowie Hahn & Mark Wolfe; your organizers of T.L.C.

Please send e-mails to bowiehahn@gmail.com or Mark at organicmovies@gmail.com

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Calabasas Pediatrics

Join us for this monthly workshop on mental health and technology use This workshop will address parenting in the technological age, boundary setting, screen time engagement and other insights in our digital culture. Parents preferred all welcome. Please email or call Shirly Barnaj[masked]; [masked]

Pet Loss and Grief Workshop-hosted by Lakeside Family Counseling - Ventura

Lakeside Family Counseling & Intervention Services

A workshop on dealing with the loss of pets and ideas for preparing for pet loss. For more info and to RSVP call[masked]

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Suicide Prevention Walk- Out of Darkness

Constitution Park

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